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California Baby

When Jessica Iclisoy was pregnant with her first baby more than 20 years ago, she wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, for both herself and her growing tot. When she happened upon a chemical dictionary, she found that the baby shampoo she’d bought was made with a known carcinogen - and decided to take matters into her own hands. Today, with more than 90 products under the company’s banner, California Baby’s manufacturing plant in Culver City, CA, is an FDA-registered, certified organic, eco-friendly facility run on solar panels. While the company has grown, it’s still very much Jessica’s. She even grows the flowers used for extracted oils in the products herself, on her farm in Santa Barbara. Jessica works directly with suppliers to create brand-new ingredients specifically made for California Baby in an effort to continually innovate and drive the natural, sustainable and biodegradable footprint forward.