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Birds and Bees Teas

Ask any expectant mama what she misses most about her pre-pregnancy diet, and chances are, she’ll say coffee. Enter Birds and Bees Teas, an all-natural, organic, caffeine-free and (most importantly) delicious line of herbal infusions that will replace your morning cup of joe while you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. The company is the brainchild of women’s health practitioner Jennifer Roth and two friends who saw a gap in the market for tasty, therapeutic, pregnancy-safe teas that came in lots of flavors. Roth, who is a passionate advocate for plant-based medicine, thinks that every mama-to-be (and new mama) should take time out for a cup of tea daily - and with teas that stimulate breast milk production, teas that reduce your supply, teas that calm and teas that induce sleep, you can be sure that your daily time-out will be worth it.