The Tot Craft Corner: DIY fingerprint flower bouquet for Mother’s Day

Creative Consultant and writer of Little Kin Journal, Katherine Houe Maric, shares a simple step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful flower bouquet card for Mother’s Day.


As soon as your baby starts growing up and becomes an active toddler, things will quickly change in your house. Before you know it, you’ll be busy trying to come up with enriching and healthy activities for your toddler to engage in, to avoid screen time and too much playing around with your living room plants.

For some reason, all the toddler toys we keep in a box in our living room never seem to interest my toddler and instead of trying to convince her that putting letters in a letter box can be a lot of fun, I have come to realize that letting her participate in whatever project my older children are busy doing, is much more giving for all of us and leaves me with more time to engage in the project as well.

In our household we love all kinds of DIYs and creative projects. In my opinion, creative play and teaching your child to create and have fun while doing so is deeply enriching to them and is something they can take with them for the rest of their lives. And if you keep it simple, they can start at a much earlier age than most parents think.

Also, not only do creative activities keep your child occupied and spark his or her curiosity, they also makes great gifts for family and friends. Like this simple bouquet of fingerprint flowers, which I am sure any mother would appreciate to be gifted on Mother’ Day.


  • Cardboard paper
  • Black marker
  • Eco-Kids Fingerpaint
  • Small containers for mixing paint
  • Water
  • Cute little toddler or children’s fingers





1: Start out by mixing the finger paint in small containers. Follow the instructions on the package, and keep a close eye on the thickness of the paint. After the first round of mixing, leave the paint for a few minutes and mix in extra water if needed. My children love the mixing part and knowing that this paint is 100% veggie based, doesn’t contain any toxins and washes off pretty easily means that you can relax a bit with it. I will normally cover the table with a sheet of paper and let them have fun with it.


2: To do the fingerprint flower bouquets you want the paint to be pretty thick as this will make it easier for your child to create the dots. You can test the paint on an extra sheet of paper. If it’s running out and losing its shape then add more powder. If it so thick that no finger prints are left on the paper, then add a little more water.


3: Now to the part where the youngest children might need a bit of help. With a thin black marker, draw a number of straight lines on your sheet of cardboard, starting in the center at the bottom of your paper and reaching out towards all sides. These lines will be the stems of the flowers and if they end up being a bit wonky and messy that is totally fine. If you want a lot of flowers on your painting, make sure to do lines in a lot of different lengths.




4: The next part is where your child can get really creative and play around with shapes and colors. With the tip of a finger you want your child to create a little flower at the end of all the lines by dipping their finger in the paint and then pressing down on the paper.


5: They can do one finger print dot for each stem, two dots in one color or even do a number of dots in different colors for each stem. Remember this is supposed to illustrate flowers, and since flowers come in so many different shapes and colors, so can these! I like it when the paint is thick enough for each dot to turn into a visible fingerprint with an interesting structure and when I can easily see how the flowers made by my younger child are smaller than the ones made by my oldest because of the different sizes of fingers. Make sure that every stem has a flower by the end of it and finish off the painting with a dedication and date in one of the corners.


6: Now all that is left to do is to let the painting dry and gift it to a mother or a grandmother who deserves a bouquet of everlasting flowers this upcoming Mother’s Day!

P.S. If you want to mix things up, then try and let children of different ages (and with different sizes of fingers) work on the same painting together. This will give a great mix of different sized flowers. Or try and let your child mix the colors and see what will happen when yellow and blue are stirred together. And most importantly, let them have fun while doing it!


Eco-Kids Finger Paint





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