5 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Getting your kids to eat healthy (or just in general!) just got easier thanks to LunchBot’s genius bento box style stainless steel lunch boxes. 100% non-toxic, easy to clean and even easier to love – they’re going to make mealtime fun for even the fussiest eater.


Having a lunchbox full of untouched food come home is one of the many defeats a parent may experience in their lifetime. Having one grow mold, rip or break is also inevitable…unless you have a LunchBot lunch box.

When LunchBot founder, Jaqueline Linder, became a mother she embarked on a confronting research journey to find the safest products she could provide for her child. When it came to dinnerware and lunchboxes, she learned that ones made of plastic could leach dangerous and hormone-disrupting chemicals into her child’s food like BPA and phthalates. She also didn’t like the idea of using plastic containers or baggies that carry the same dangers and end up in our land fills. After failing to find an option that ticked all the boxes, she decided to design her own and thus LunchBots was born.

Also knowing all too well the battle parents face trying to get their kids to eat the right balance of foods to get the correct nutrition they need, she consulted child behavior professionals to find out the best way to present food to kids. Turns out bento boxes are the key. By having food in their individual compartments kids can learn portion control and how different foods are classed. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of the five food groups and encourage kids to make the right choices.

According to the USDA’s Choose My Plate guide, kids need to eat a healthy balance of fruit, grains, proteins, vegetables and dairy. The majority should be vegetables and whole grains followed by equal serves of lean meats/ meat alternatives and whole seasonal fruit and then a small serve of dairy.

The main things to avoid when packing your tot’s lunch are pre-packaged foods like granola bars, sugary drinks and processed foods. It’s okay if kids like to eat the same things day after day, but don’t be afraid to throw something new in every now and then. Whether your child has an allergy, is vegetarian, vegan or simply can’t get enough fruit, there are endless LunchBot food combinations that your child will love. Below are five lunch box ideas to get you started!

1. Kid friendly wrap ideas via Super Healthy Kids




Whether your tot likes sweet or savory, wraps are always a good idea. We suggest getting whole grain wraps without preservatives.

Some of our favorite combinations are:

  • Almond butter and blueberries
  • Red bell pepper and hummus
  • Mixed berries and yoghurt
  • Carrots and cream cheese
  • Free range turkey and cheddar cheese


2. Sandwich free lunch ideas via The Kitchn 




Some kids flat out don’t like bread. Don’t fret – rice paper rolls and fresh sides will do the trick! Unsure of how to make a rice paper roll? Simply soak the rice paper sheet in warm water to soften, remove and lay on a plate. Insert stuffing. Then roll and go!

Rice paper roll ideas:

  • Avocado, cooked tuna, cucumber
  • BBQ chicken, carrot, avocado and tomato
  • Tuna salad
  • Red bell pepper, carrot, hummus
  • Apple and peanut butter


3. Nut Free, Paleo friendly ideas via Irena Macri



Whole, raw and simple, packing a paleo friendly lunch is easy. Full of fresh cut veggies and whole fruits that are in season, you can add add items like bliss balls for protein and a bit of a treat.

  • Sliced carrot and cucumber
  • Chicken wrapped in cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Asparagus
  • Bliss balls (Try this recipe)


4. Sandwich and sides ideas via backtoherroots.com


When shopping for bread, it’s important to find bread that isn’t full of additives and preservatives. You especially don’t want slices hiding cups of sugar. Depending on your tot’s flavor of the week, we suggest the following combos:

  • Turkey, cranberry and mayo with a side of pretzels, cucumber and berries
  • Tuna salad sandwich with a side of cheese cubes and a banana
  • Natural peanut butter and Manuka honey sandwich with a side of carrot, beans and pomegranate
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill bagel with a side of celery, carrot and grapes
  • Carrot, beet, apple, and cucumber sandwich with a side of blueberries, carrots and hummus


5. Gluten free and allergy friendly ideas via backtoherroots.com

Although there are plenty of gluten free grain options, you can get just as much satisfaction focusing on a lean protein and corn based meal with a side of veggies and fruits.

  • Turkey mince meat balls on lettuce with grapes, carrots and corn chips
  • Grilled chicken strips, carrots, red bell pepper and grapes
  • Brussel sprouts, chicken strips, fresh berries and cheese cubes
  • Green beans, turkey slices, dried cranberries and coconut milk yoghurt
  • Zucchini frittata with sweet corn and apple slices