The Tot 10: Stylish Maternity Wear Picks

From flattering skinny jeans to dresses you’ll want to wear even after you give birth, our maternity picks are versatile, comfortable, functional and redefining what pregnancy style means.


As fellow mamas, we understand that it’s not easy to get to work or a play date in the morning when you can’t find clothes that offer the style and support your growing body needs. We also know it’s difficult to discover that your pants don’t button anymore or that your go-to t-shirt is now a crop top, which is why we’re so grateful that brands like Hatch, Sleeper, Citizens of Humanity, DL 1961 and Blanqi are designing things that slip seamlessly into our wardrobes, but provide the versatility and comfort we need to live our lives while growing one.

We’re also grateful that gone are the days when being pregnant meant covering your body in a billowy button down or cinched-at-the-side elastic t-shirt designed to be worn for a designated 1-9 month period of time. Let’s be honest – maternity wear can be expensive, which is why it’s so frustrating when it has an expiration date or is made of fabric that falls apart.

Luckily for us, the brands we love are designing clothes that work with your changing figure from conception through to breastfeeding, but can forever have a home in your closet. From dresses with elastic panels that allow your bump to grow (and with straps that make breastfeeding a breeze) to skinny jeans that are seriously worthy of the runway, but also offer much-needed belly support, our top 10 picks can be dressed up or down, worn all year round and used pre and post partum, making them the most versatile and stylish maternity clothes on the market.

PS you don’t even have to be pregnant to want these items in your wardrobe.

Hatch Kate Bowtie Dress


Made in New York, Hatch’s Kate Bowtie Dress has adjustable straps that allow for easy breastfeeding, is designed to fit a bump of any size and can be layered depending on the weather.

Hatch Tulip Dress


Hatch’s Tulip Dress is also fantastic for layering, but looks timeless and chic on its own.

Sleeper Loungewear Dress


Perfect for lounging around your house or hanging at the beach, Sleeper’s Loungewear Dress is cool, comfortable and easy to wear all day long. Want one for a little lady? Get the Kid’s version here.

Hatch The Jersey Drape Dress


Hatch’s The Jersey Drape Dress has a flattering boat neck that provides a sophisticated, yet casual look.

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Maternity Skinny Jean


Citizens of Humanity’s Avedon maternity jeans let you keep the look of your favorite jeans, while providing the support and comfort of maternity pants. 

Hatch Long Sleeve Tee


Hatch’s Long Sleeve Tee can be paired with shorts, jeans, leggings or a dress, making it not only comfortable – but one of your go-to items for day to day pregnancy style. 

Blanqi Maternity Belly Support Leggings

 Maternity Leggings Black

Blanqi’s Maternity Support Leggings are another item that can be paired with pretty much anything, but offer the extra support and comfort needed during pregnancy and after.

Hatch Perfect Vee


Another item great for layering and keeping in your closet forever, Hatch’s Perfect Vee is ultra soft, easy to wear and an absolute essential for spring and summer.

DL 1961 Karlie Maternity Short


DL 1961’s Karlie Maternity Short will keep you cool and comfortable this summer, while offering the space and support your growing belly needs.

Hatch The Afternoon Dress


Hatch’s The Afternoon Dress can be worn all day long. Pair it with sneakers, flats or heals and it will take you from morning coffee to evening strolls in seconds!