The maternity workout leggings mamas swear by

Imagine the perfect pair of leggings that support your belly and back while you exercise during pregnancy and then adjust to your changing body after your baby arrives. Look no further, ladies, they’re here…

Best maternity leggings

Hands up whoever worked out until the day they gave birth? I’d been an avid runner and fitness fanatic for a decade before falling pregnant with my first child, so I was determined to get my sweat on until she showed her face. And I did.

I walked, ran, and did yoga and pregnancy workout videos several times a week. I had to give up running when my lower back started to ache at 15 weeks, but I was fine with that. I didn’t want to do anything that might compromise my baby’s health and safety or my own.

I continued to exercise as best I could as my tum took on epic proportions. My lower back hurt and it felt like I was smuggling an oversized watermelon under my workout top, but exercise made me feel good. So, I kept it up and got lots of prenatal massages. I just wished that something could ease my heaviness and niggles.

If ONLY I’d known about BLANQI maternity supportwear back then. Their amazing range of tanks, bellybands and leggings are made from an innovative material that offers varying degrees of light compression to relieve abdominal, pelvic and lower-back pain during pregnancy.

Forget any experience you may have had in the past with uncomfortably tight shapewear or compression wear that cuts off your circulation. BLANQI’s maternity supportwear is butter-soft, moisture-wicking and offers just enough support to ease aches and pains without squeezing you too tight. Ask any one of BLANQI’s devoted fans and they’ll tell you there’s no other brand like it on the market.

And it gets even better with BLANQI’S new workout range…

BLANQI’s original range of supportwear was already strong and supportive enough for active mamas, but founders Sabina and Valerie decided to take things one step further. They wanted to design a pair of workout leggings that would gently support expanding bellies during pregnancy and continue to offer comfortable tummy compression in the postpartum period. And that’s how their SportSupport Hipster Leggings were born.

Featuring BLANQI’s signature seam-free construction and a two-ply comfort waistband that provides just the right amount of support no matter how big (or small) your belly is, they’ll feel like a second skin the second you slip them on. You’ll be amazed at how good they make you look and feel with their gentle compression system that smooths your lumps and bumps and creates a sleek silhouette. Even mamas who have tender and swollen bellies after C-sections will feel fantastic in these game-changing leggings.

But will they hold up to a serious sweat sesh and several runs in the washing machine? Heck yes. They’re engineered for breathability and movement, so you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. And the strong, durable, fully opaque material won’t stretch or start to fall apart after a few wears. You’ll be rocking them for years to come.

SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings


SportSupport Hipster Cuffed Leggings


The only decision you’ll have to make is whether to get the SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings with their classic cut or the SportSupport Hipster Cuffed Leggings with their tapered leg cuffs. Here’s my hot tip: get one of each so that you won’t have to frantically handwash them every night! Because once you try them, you won’t want to wear anything else.