Nasiba Adilova’s Top 6 picks for stylish mamas

Because pregnancy and style should not be mutually exclusive

TheTot_Carousel_Miras top 5 Collage

When I was pregnant with my children, I wanted, as much as possible, to stay the same person I’d always been. I love fashion and surrounding myself with beautiful things, and I didn’t see why I should have to sacrifice that because I was pregnant. Part of the reason I launched The Tot was because we believed that mamas and their babies should have the best of everything, and style is an important part of that. I truly believe that when you feel and look your best, you’re happier, more comfortable within yourself, and ready to conquer the world. These are my top picks for stylish mamas everywhere.

  1. Mima Xari Stroller in BlackA truly stylish stroller? I didn’t think it was possible… and then I met the Mima Xari. The triple-layered fan-style canopy not only makes it easy to adjust the amount of shade or light on your baby, it also looks incredibly chic. I love that this stroller’s seat comes with a built-in carrycot – it’s little innovations like these that make life so much easier for new mamas! There are also two storage spaces below the seat, which I think are absolutely essential, particularly during those early days. Babies just come with so much stuff!
  2. Hatch Jersey Drape DressI don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant, I still wanted to look like myself… just a pregnant version of me! I didn’t want to alter my style, or (shudder!) look like a little girl (as so many maternity brands used to try to do!). When I discovered HATCH, my prayers were answered. Their clothing is not only beautifully made, using premium fabrics like jersey and organic cotton, but it’s comfortable and looks amazing! I’m not exaggerating when I say that I lived in this dress for the last few months of my pregnancies – it’s that comfortable.
  3. DL 1961 Emma Maternity JeanI’ve tried a lot of maternity jeans, and I can say with certainty that these are the absolute best. First of all, they have plenty of “give”, meaning that growing mamas can wear them and eat their pasta, too. The fabric that DL 1961 uses is a uniquely stretchy blend that actually helps to contour your body (yes, even while pregnant), so you’ll have that lovely silhouette that comes from wearing the right pair of jeans for your body. Secondly, they look fantastic. I love wearing these with sneakers on the weekends, and with ankle boots for the office and running around town.
  4. Mary Katrantzou Diaper Bag and Pouch in SorbonneMary is one of my favourite designers – I love her fun, unique way of using print and color, and this diaper bag is no exception. We are lucky enough that she designed it in collaboration exclusively with us for The Tot (thank you, Mary!) and I absolutely adore it. I’ve bought quite a few for expectant friends, and every one of them has loved it. The print is whimsical and gorgeous, but the bag itself is also practical and functional – a must! I also love that it turns into a travel tote once your done with all the diapers.
  5. Recliner Bamboo Stretch Sleep ShortFor me, sleeping was one of the hardest things when I was pregnant – I just found it so hard to get comfortable, particularly as the months went by and I got bigger and bigger. These sleep shorts (and the tee below) were my saving grace. They’re perfect for pregnant women – they have a large waistband for maximum comfort, the legs are long enough that they won’t ride up on you, and they’re made from the softest bamboo jersey (that also happens to be sweat-resistant!). Confession: I’m still sleeping in mine.
  6. Recliner Bamboo Sleep TeeThe matching tee to the shorts above, this super-soft, slouchy tee grows with you and allows lots of movement, while always keeping you covered. I also wore this while I was nursing at home – it kept me beautifully cool and comfortable.