Five-minute morning beauty blitz

There’s one thing that any new mom soon realizes; getting ready in the mornings is a whole new ball game.

Feeling free in nature

It’s less about leisurely showers, time-consuming make up application and perfect hair styling, and more about being time efficient and using multi-functional products. This five-minute morning beauty routine will keep things quick and simple while ensuring you’re perfectly presentable to face the outside world.

1. A quick cleanse. We love RMS raw coconut cream, $18.  Use it as a super quick cleanser and moisturiser, pop some in your hair if it’s dry, use with a soft toothbrush to soften up dry lips, or rub on to dry patches of skin like elbows. Remove from your face using a soft cloth before you apply makeup.

2. A multi-tasking skin perfector. You’re trying to save time, so products that offer multiple steps in one bottle are the answer to any new mom’s prayers. We like the Vapour Beauty stratus luminous instant skin perfector, $48. This perfector promises to balance skin as well as smoothing and diffusing lines. It can be used alone to even out skin tone for natural but brighter-looking skin or, if you have an extra minute, as a primer under foundation.

3. Mascara. No woman should leave the house without an eye-opening application of mascara. It takes a matter of seconds, but is the biggest trick in the book as it will make a world of difference to how you look, but also feel. While we are on eyes, an eyelash curler if you have an extra minute or two is an instant eye opener for tired eyes.

Clearly any mascara will work wonders, but we love Honest Company Mascara + Lash Primer, $22, which gives proper lash prep with minimal effort, and is paraben and petrolatum free. 

4. Lip balm. Despite its simplicity, this is essential to any beauty routine. As well as hydrating lips, it can also be used to tame unruly brows and add sheen to brow bones and cheek bones rather than using a separate highlighting product. 

Any clear, untinted lip balm will do, but we love the natural stance of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s lip balm, $3 Jammed with organic shea butter and olive and coconut oils, and free from parabens, these lip balms (in three flavors) are also kind enough to use on baby’s lips or dry skin patches when needed. 

5. Dry shampoo. Having a shower in the mornings in itself is momentous for any new mom, but including a hair wash takes it to a whole other level. It means longer in the shower, not to mention having to blow dry and style your hair post-wash. So rather than walk around with greasy tresses, discover the world of dry shampoo. You’ll never look back.

Acure Organics dry shampoo, $9.99, relies on natural ingredients of clay, oats and essential oils to cleanse the hair, while the lavender and chamomile oils give locks a lovely mild scent. Simply spray into the roots and you’re ready to walk out the door.  

This five-minute routine is the perfect fit now you’re busy with baby. Plus, all of these products can fit easily into your handbag, or more likely diaper bag, so if you’ve got a morning baby class first thing, simply take your beauty essentials with you and apply in the car once you’ve safely arrived at your destination. 

Alternatively, if you feel even this quick beauty regime might be a struggle every day, why not treat yourself to a longer-term beauty fix? Eyelash tinting or individual eyelash extensions are a great solution to eliminate mascara application from your day-to-day beauty essentials. Or if eyebrows are your beauty focus, perhaps consider eye brow tinting or semi-permanent brows too. Book in a salon appointment and treat yourself to some much-deserved ‘me’ time.