6 Holiday Table Décor Ideas We Love We Love

Needing a bit of inspo for your next holiday party or Christmas dinner table? We’ve found six looks ranging from Scandinavian Simplicity to Woodland Whimsy that you’re going to fall all sorts of in love with.

Image via: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Whether you’re hosting a party for 100 or an intimate date night for two, we’ve found six stunning holiday décor pins that you can draw ideas from. When it comes to piecing items together we like to focus on balance. If your greenery is plush and heavy, try having more delicate glassware or thin soy or beeswax candles as centerpieces. If your table is stripped bare, maybe try chunkier chargers or heavily textured napkins. If you are wanting small and intimate, try changing up the seating arrangements by using plush throw rugs or floor pillows as seats.

Another trend we love is the floating centerpiece. By hanging a string of lights or creating a long wreath above the table, you can free up space, which is especially useful if you’re serving your food family style. In the Boho-Ho Holiday look below, you’ll see they used an aspen tree branch and hung some simple stars, ornaments and greenery to evoke the feeling you get when standing under a star filled night sky.

Gathering for the holidays is one of the most important memories children tend to hang onto. Parents and kids get to relax, give thanks and set goals and intentions for the forthcoming year. By creating a magical table and space, your friends and family can briefly escape the hoopla of everyday life and focus on the things that matter most.

Check out the looks we love:

Woodland Whimsy


Image via here.

Tree trunk chargers, greenery speckled with pinecones and contrasting white candles make for a warm and intimate Holiday setting! Try using chrome silverware, name-card holders and candlesticks to add a bit of elegance.

Boho-ho Holiday


Image via here.

Loving the overhead aspen branch with hanging stars and holly. The pops of burnt orange fruit above and on the table coordinate perfectly with their signature cocktail.

Dark and Stormy


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Looking for something a bit more intimate and moody? Try using gold to contrast against dark blues, purples, and greens for a fancy French-inspired feast.

Winter White


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The classic and timeless combination of white, gold and silver is always a hit, especially when executed flawlessly like on this table. By having the setting on a wood table without a tablecloth, the décor contrasts perfectly and allows the ornaments, plates and wine glasses to pop.

Scandi Simplicity


Image via here.

This minimalist look delivers an abundance of feelings. We love the use of twigs and abstract centerpieces to create a balance of contemporary and classic. The ornaments hanging above can also be repurposed on a tree later on.

Small and Intimate


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This warm and cozy look is perfect for a romantic dinner or for spaces where seating might be limited. Having a heavy tablecloth provides a sense of warmth and texture, while delicate glassware and classic Christmas décor bring the holiday fun.