10 Baby Shower Gifts Under $75

From organic swaddles to NYC themed hand-crocheted rattles, we’ve got 10 baby shower gifts for under $75 that will be absolutely loved and adored by both mom and baby.


We know how expensive life can get when you and your friends start having kids. Instead of buying wine, you have to buy organic onesies and diaper bags, sleep sacks and so on. (Let’s be honest – we’re still buying the wine…)

Because preparing for life with a new baby can be financially overwhelming, we’re big advocates of: buy right, buy once. It’s worth investing in the well-made, non-toxic and actually useful products. Even though you might think that means shelling out hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to. Below are 10 products from our favorite brands that will be incredibly useful and beloved by both moms and babies.

1. Cam Cam Copenhagen Diaper Bag – $75


The Cam Cam Copenhagen Diaper Bag is made from organic cotton twill and can be used forever. Not only is it a fabulous diaper bag in terms of comfort and keeping your life organized, it can also be used as a weekender once the kids get a bit older. Available in three colors, it’s stylish, timeless and a solid purchase.


2. Donsje Amsterdam Lemon Shoe – $75


Perfect for both boys and girls, the Donsje Amsterdam Lemon Shoe is just in time for the warmer weather! Made of ultra soft leather and designed with flexible soles, they’re not only cute, but also safe for baby’s growing feet.


3. Laranjinha Back Snap Footie – $55-$62


Every baby needs a cozy footie. We love the Laranjinha Back Snap Footie with rolled sleeves because it ticks all the right boxes. By having the snaps in the back and the stylish rolled sleeves, this onesie can be dressed up for outings, while providing all sorts of comfort.


4. Early Riser Long Sleeve Onesie – $39


Since we all know babies can go through six outfits in a day, we can’t get enough of these Early Riser Long Sleeve Onesies. Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, they can be worn on their own, but are great for layering. With sweet script like, “happy” stitched on the front, they provide that little bit of extra style we all love.


5. Cam Cam Copenhagen Long Sleeve Onesie – $25


Another fabulous option is the Cam Cam Copenhagen Long Sleeve Onesie. With a chic wave pattern, this one is another piece that can be worn solo or styled with cute bottoms. Remember – babies usually like to be wearing one extra layer of clothing than an adult (to help them regulate their body temperature,) so even though it might seem weird to have long sleeves in the summer, your baby might love it!


6. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag – $49


Oh how we just love the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag. Babies are constantly kicking their blankets off, which is why we can’t imagine what people did before the genius invention that is the sleep sack. Made from soft bamboo rayon, the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and comfortable. The strategically placed double zipper means safe sleeping as well as quick diaper changes.


7. Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle – $66


Perhaps the most versatile gift: the Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle. Swaddles are amazing because they can be used for swaddling, blanketing, creating shade, a mat for tummy time, a burp cloth, a wall hanging and even a scarf! Made from organic cotton and printed with water-based inks, the Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle Set is a beautiful gift that will be cherished and used daily.


8. Cam Cam Copenhagen Change Cushion + Change Cushion Cover – $50 + $20


Since we all know diaper changes happen all day long, we love gifting the Cam Cam Copenhagen Change Cushion. Made from cold pressed non-toxic foam, it’s contoured to keep baby from rolling and can match any décor seamlessly. We suggest getting Cam Cam Cophenhagen’s Machine Washable Change Cushion Cover. With a coated surface and elastic edges, it makes cleaning up after an accident a totally breeze.


9. Estella Organic New York Gift Set – $66


The thing we love most about the Estella Organic New York Gift Set is that these adorable toys can double as décor! Because babies don’t usually reach and grasp for things until around three months, they can sit patiently in the nursery providing style and NYC vibes.


10. Estella Organic Duck Gift Set – $60


Another fabulous gift idea is the Estella Organic Duck Gift Set. It comes with a duck themed blanket, hat and rattle and is totally gender neutral and adorable. Not only does it present beautifully, all three items will be used constantly during those first few months and beyond.