10 Baby Shower Gifts Under $75

From organic swaddles to hand-crocheted rattles, we’ve got 10 baby shower gifts for under $75 that will be loved and adored by both mom and baby.


We know how expensive life can get when you and your friends start having kids. Instead of buying wine, you have to buy baby shower gifts. (Let’s be honest – we’re still buying the wine…)

Because preparing for life with a new baby can be financially overwhelming, we’re big advocates of: buy right, buy once. It’s worth investing in the well-made, non-toxic and actually useful products. Even though you might think that means shelling out hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to.

Below are 10 baby shower gifts from our favorite brands that will be incredibly useful and beloved by both moms and babies — all under $75.


1. Jem & Bea Mama Clutch – $55

Jem + Bea Mama Leather Clutch

The Jem & Bea Mama Clutch is made from 100% tumbled calf leather and can be used forever. Not only is it a fabulous way to keep your mom essentials organized, it can also be used when you’re off duty. Available in three colors, it’s stylish, timeless and a solid purchase.


2. Albetta Baby Crochet Lion Booties – $30

Albetta Baby Crochet Leo Lion Booties

Perfect for both boys and girls, the Albetta Baby Crochet Lion Booties is just in time for the warmer weather! Made of 100% cotton, they’re not only cute, but also safe for baby’s growing feet.


3. Lovely Littles Baby Sea Rose Snap Romper – $32

Lovely Littles Baby Sea Rose Snap Romper - Mist

Every baby needs a cozy footie. We love the Lovely Littles Baby Sea Rose Snap Romper with rolled sleeves because it ticks all the right boxes. With snaps up the front and fold-over cuffs on hands and footed for extra warmth, this bedtime staple will keep baby cozy all night long.


4. Kyte Baby Solid Long Sleeve Onesie – $19.99

Kyte Baby Rayon from Bamboo Long Sleeve Onesie in Slate

Since we all know babies can go through six outfits in a day, we can’t get enough of this Kyte Baby Solid Long Sleeeve Onesie. Hypoallergenic with snaps for easy outfit and diaper changes, it can be worn on its own, and is also great for layering.


5. Hart +Land Baby/Toddler Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit – $22

HART + LAND Baby/Toddler Bamboo Long Sleeve Lap Shoulder Bodysuit- Camper Vans

Another fabulous option is the Hart+Land Long Sleeve Bodysuit. With fun retro camper van print, this one is another piece that can be worn solo or styled with cute bottoms. Remember – babies usually like to be wearing one extra layer of clothing (to help them regulate their body temperature), so even though it might seem weird to have long sleeves when it’s warm outside, your baby might prefer it!


6. Malabar Baby Lightweight Wearable Baby Sleep Bag – $42 – $48

Malabar Baby Wearable Sleep Bag Greenwich

Oh how we just love the Malabar Baby Lightweight Wearable Baby Sleep Bag. Babies are constantly kicking their blankets off, which is why we can’t imagine what people did before the genius invention that is the sleep sack. Made from 100% premium natural non-pesticide Indian cotton, the Malabar Baby Sleep Bag is hypoallergenic, breathable and comfortable. The strategically placed right shoulder snap means safe sleeping as well as quick diaper changes.


7. Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle – $55

Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle - Ferris Wheel

Perhaps the most versatile gift: the Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle. Swaddles are amazing because they can be used for swaddling, blanketing, creating shade, a mat for tummy time, a burp cloth, a wall hanging and even a scarf! Made from organic cotton and printed with water-based inks, the Atelier Choux Organic Swaddle Set is a beautiful gift that will be cherished and used daily.


8. Babyletto Pure 31 Inch Contour Changing Pad $49

Babyletto Pure 31 inch Contour Changing Pad

Since we all know diaper changes happen all day long, we love gifting the Babyletto Pure 31 Inch Contour Changing Pad. With a PVC-free waterproof cover and extra firm padding, it’s contoured to keep baby from rolling and can match any décor seamlessly.


9. Wee Gallery Gift Set – $68.95

Wee Gallery Gift Set - Seahorse Teether, Ocean Art Cards and Fish Swaddle

Beautifully presented in a gift-ready box, the Wee Gallery Gift Set includes a seahorse teether, ocean art cards and fish swaddle. The high contrast imagery is a great opportunity for newborns to focus on visual stimuli.


10. Mini Bloom Baby Basics Set – $53

Mini Bloom Baby Basics Set

Another fabulous gift idea is the Mini Bloom Baby Basics Gift Set. It comes with a 2-in-1 hair and body wash, hair detangling treatment and diaper rash relief cream. Not only does it present beautifully, all three items will be used constantly during those first few months and beyond.