Safer stretch mark treatments

While stretch marks are usually hereditary, there are some ways to avoid them. Here are our top tips for stretch mark prevention.


To many mamas, the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is unmatched. Sometimes, however, there are a few unpopular side effects that crop up which can be mild to downright uncomfortable. I like to call my stretch marks “tiger stripes” and wear them as badges of honor, reminding me of what my body is, and, was capable of. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to avoid them or reduce their severity if possible.

Typically, stretch marks are hereditary and usually they are not something that you can totally avoid. Most people get a few, while some people don’t get any at all. It’s all in your genes as to whether or not you are prone to them. When stretch marks form, the skin tends to get irritated and can be itchy or painful so it’s a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve to avoid the itchies.

  • Stay hydrated. This is a no brainer since you have to stay hydrated to have a healthy pregnancy. Drinking filtered water throughout the day will help keep your cells nice and plump, giving your skin a bit more elasticity.
  • Weight Management. Easier said than done, but stretch marks happen when the skin doesn’t have enough time to accommodate your growing belly and swelling breasts. Gaining weight is important throughout pregnancy but try to keep your diet full of nutrient-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, cruciferous veggies, lean grass-fed or organic meat, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids rich foods like wild salmon, and walnuts.
  • Natural Belly Oils & Creams. Stretch marks, whether you are trying to prevent them or treating the ones you have already can mean that your skin becomes tight, itchy and sensitive. You’ll want to butter up those areas every day to stay comfortable and keep the skin nourished.  Given that you are applying these creams and oils daily you will want to make sure what you’re putting on and soaking into your skin is safe for you and for baby.  Look for brands that are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances, petroleum-based fillers and preservatives. Keep a look out for products that are made from natural butters and oils and are lightly scented with natural essential oils.

Tot approved safer stretch mark treatments:

Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream + Stretch Mark Oil

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Loaded with cocoa butter and sea buckthorn extract to help keep skin hydrated and pliable during your pregnancy. Erbaviva’s Stretch Mark Cream is a must. Try it out with Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil for an extra boost of natural moisture.