Nasiba’s Picks: Gifts For The New Mom

The Tot Founder and Mama of Three, Nasiba Adilova, has a lot of experience when it comes to shopping for new moms. As an advocate for encouraging women to nurture themselves so they can nurture their littles, Nasiba’s gift picks are all about rest, relaxation and celebration.

New mom gift ideas

Having just welcomed my third baby, I’ve been reminiscing about when I first became a mother. While I was all consumed by love, fear and dirty diapers, I also felt like celebrating what my body had done and the family my husband and I had created.

Becoming a new mom literally means getting a new name. It also means getting a new job description that requires doing a million things at once while experiencing mild to severe sleep deprivation. This is why giving gifts that let women feel good about themselves is crucial.

From personalized jewelry to an organic cotton PJ set that will make the two hours of sleep she’ll get feel like a day at the spa, here are my gift picks for new mamas.


SLEEPER Organic Cotton PJ Set

Sleeper organic cotton women's pj set 

Comfortable and flattering, Sleeper’s Organic Cotton PJ Set has a front button closure that makes breastfeeding at night a breeze.


Blanqi Everyday High Waist Postpartum Nursing Support Leggings


Blanqi Everyday High Waisted Postpartum Support Leggings 

Made in the USA and machine washable, Blanqi’s high waisted pants do double time providing postpartum support and style. Mamas will seriously live in these ALL THE TIME!


Levi’s Women’s Custom Painted Denim Trucker Jacket

Levi's Women's Denim Jacket with custom paint on the back 

For decades Levi’s trucker jacket has been the most versatile piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Make the new mom’s extra cool by having it custom painted with her name or ‘mama!’


Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow

Nook Sleep Systems Organic Niche Feeding Pillow 

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, Nook’s Niche Organic Feeding Pillow saves your neck, back and arms while feeding. It can also be used between your legs at night to help soothe your post-birth aching back. If she didn’t get one at her baby shower, she’ll love getting it now!


Stella and Bow Mama Bracelet

Stella and Bow Gold Bracelet with plastic letter beads reading Mama in pastel colors 

The perfect combination of sentimental and glam, Stella and Bow’s Mama bracelet will give all the feels and flutters of picturing your little one bringing home their craft from school for the first time.


Jem + Bea Jamie Nylon Backpack

Jem and Bea Jamie Nylon Backpack

The Jamie is a must-have for all moms because it lets you keep your hands free when you’re out and about.


Sue Gragg Personalized Diamond Bracelet

Sue Gragg Personalized Bracelet 

Sure to be an heirloom piece, the Sue Gragg Personalized Diamond Bracelet can be a daily reminder of when two became three.


SKIN Qianna Organic Cotton Robe

SKIN Qianna Cotton Robe 

Robes are always a good idea and the SKIN Qianna Organic Cotton Robe is insanely soft, slouchy and such a great way to let any new mama feel cozy, comfortable and cute.


HATCH The Taylor Jumper

Hatch Collection Taylor Jumper in Black 

Every mama needs a jumpsuit. They’re so easy to slip on and to dress up or down when you’re in a hurry. Designed in an airy, crinkly soft cotton, Hatch’s The Taylor Jumper can be worn before, during and after pregnancy!


Monte Joya Rocker

Monte Joya Rocker 

The Monte Joya Rocker is beautifully handcrafted in Canada and a piece anyone would love having in their home long after baby is grown up. Who knows – they may even get to rock their grandbaby in it!