10 fun activities for kids

Here are some great ideas to keep little minds interested and engaged while having fun at the same time!


  1. Art projects

Let kids be creative and have plenty of non-toxic art supplies at hand. Find out what type of art materials they are interested in playing with. Explore with crayons, markerspaints and lots of paper. To get your child’s creative juices flowing and let them work on specific project the Once kids-sycamore hero is fun for him/her to focus on. After it is dry it doubles as a new imaginary play item.

  1. Create something outside

On a nice day get some fresh air and explore with sidewalk chalk.  Draw a masterpiece, make roads for your cars, create a hopscotch board, practice your letters, or draw faces to talk about feelings. It can be fun and educational.

  1. Water play

Kids love playing and experimenting with water. Whether that means in a pool, water table, bath tub or buckets they can be entertained for an extended period of time.  Let them explore with concepts such and dumping and filling, what sinks and floats, etc. Plan Toys’ Water Landing Net is a great way to practice filling, pouring and fishing. The Plan Toys Sailing Boat is another fun toy to take on a water play adventure!

  1. Working in the garden

Spring is a great time to learn more about gardening.  You can find ideas of what to plant, discuss how things grow, and then put it into action.  Read books, talk about growth, and teach them about the environment.  There are a lot of great things that can be learned from gardening.  A vegetable garden is a fantastic way to see and taste the results.  Let your child get hands on and experiment with you. The Green Toys’ Gardening Set is a fun way to provide them with their own tools to assist you in the hard work.

  1. Make a fort

Children love having a fort to hide, read, relax, or initiate pretend play.  Let them decorate it and make it their own. You can either build one on your own or have a designated spot using the ingenious Plan Toys Coat Rack which doubles at a tent!

  1. Family puzzle time

Do a puzzle together! Once it is complete play play I spy with the pictures! A more complex puzzle that would be a fun challenge for all is something from the Mudpuppy Puzzle range, like the Map of the World Puzzle which features a colorful map, which includes illustrations of animals and landmarks on each of the seven continents.

  1. Build together

Whether you choose to use rainbow blocks, cork stacking spheres, or mini brick construction sets etc; come up with something creative you can build together or have contests on who can make the tallest tower.  Building and experimenting with different tools is a great way to practice working together and letting your imagination run wild.

  1. Go on an adventure

Get out and explore your community, a local museum, zoo or hike. Take the Mini Backpack and pack a lunch, or art pad to draw what you explore.

  1. Pack a picnic

Find a fun spot to enjoy a picnic, even if it is your backyard. Make it fun by trying some new snacks. Sometimes a new environment allows for the introduction of new foods–especially with pickier eaters.  Fluf Snack Pack Good Eats are reusable food safe, organic snack packs that make it easy for packing your picnic. We also love these Silicone Sandwich Wedges that are perfect for storing sandwiches and snacks.

  1. Play mat fun

Take out cars or animals and see where your imagination takes you. A playmat can be a great base to get the creative juices flowing to create your own scenarios. They are also great because they can be moved any where.


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