The 6 Maternity Essentials You Actually Need

Witnessing your body change during pregnancy can be quite confronting and a huge adjustment, which is why we’ve chosen 6 maternity wear essentials that will make the next 9 months (and after) a lot more comfortable and stylish

pregnant woman in stylish maternity wear walking along beach

We get it. Your jeans don’t button. Your shirt is now a crop top. Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy! We know first hand what it’s like to feel like an ever-expanding water balloon. (That desperately wants to wear their favorite skinny jeans.) The fact is: you’re now dressing for two.

Luckily, pregnancy style has evolved thanks to brands like HATCH and DL 1961. Instead of hiding under what some may argue looks like a tent, women get to celebrate their bumps and keep their personal style throughout those nine magical months.

When shopping for maternity clothing we like to look for:

  • Dresses that allow access for breast feeding
  • Pants that expand and don’t cut into your belly
  • Supportive tanks
  • Supportive leggings
  • Wide leg jumpsuits
  • Drop waist dresses that can be dressed up or down

Now for the fun part: Here are our five maternity essentials that are not only stylish, but also comfortable, flattering, versatile and can be worn even after you’ve given birth.


Wide Leg Jumpsuit


The thing that we love most about HATCH is that their pieces look fantastic before, during and after pregnancy! Made of 100% Cupro and super easy to dress up or down, you can’t go wrong with this wide leg jump suit.


Hatch Julia Jumper in Marine Blue

HATCH Julia Jumper






Maternity Jeans


Designed for growing (and shrinking) bellies, these maternity jeans are the perfect pant for both lounging or lunching.


DL 1961 Lara Maternity Jean in Roslyn


DL 1961 Lara Maternity Mid Rise Cropped Boot





Drop Waist Dress


Equally adorable with sandals as it is with tights and boots, this slouchy dress works all year round and is a total must have


Woman wearing the HATCH Tulip Dress


HATCH Tulip Dress





Maternity Dress


Another year round winner, this dress provides room for a bump as well as a neckline that makes breastfeeding a breeze.


Hatch Eloise Dress in Black Blossom


HATCH Eloise Dress





Support Tank Top


It’s no wonder Blanqi has such a loyal following. Their maternity support wear is unbelievably soft and chic. The Blanqi Belly Support Tank Top is the ultimate fusion of style and function and is a maternity wardrobe essential you won’t need to cover up. The seamless built-in belly support band alleviates baby weight, decreases pressure on the pelvic floor, and reduces abdominal and back pain.


BLANQI Support Tank Top

Blanqi Belly Support Tank Top





Support Leggings


It doesn’t matter if you’re actually working out or just want to be comfortable at brunch, these incredibly supportive leggings will have you looking both fab and fit!


BLANQI Sport Support Hipster Cuffed Leggings

BLANQI Sport Support Hipster Cuffed Leggings





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