The Tot Play & Learn Set Additional Activities: 4 – 5 Years

Looking for activities and toys to aid with your child’s development? The Tot Play & Learn Sets are created by expert early learning educators to help your baby reach important milestones.

Educational toys for 4 year old

According to the Montessori Method, children enter ‘sensitive periods,’ which are specific time frames in early development when they’re uniquely primed to learn particular skills. Some of these skills include rhythm, organization and reading.

The Tot Play & Learn sets are designed to help you provide your child with the right activities, advice and materials during these important developmental windows. Each set will spark your child’s curiosity, help them to reach important milestones while giving you confidence that you’re creating the best possible play and learning environment for your child.


The Tot Play & Learn Set 4- 5 years


The Tot Play & Learn Set 4 – 5 Years







Activity: Make a Time Chart


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon: fine motorDevelopmental Icon: social and emotionalDevelopmental Icon: language & speechDevelopmental icon: sensory

Toys and Materials: Calendar, Paper and a pencil, Watercolors or other art supplies

Milestones: Has a better concept of time and routines 

Draw a clock on the top left corner of several pieces of paper, denoting different times of day. Talk to your child about what you do at each time, for example, eating breakfast at 8AM, playing outside at 10AM, etc. Invite them to change the clock hands on the Calendar to match what they’ve written on the paper. They can then illustrate the pages, drawing or painting an activity to match each time.



Activity: Take a Memory Walk


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon - gross motor skillDevelopmental Icon: language & speech

Toys and Materials: Memory Game

Milestones: Identifies letters of the alphabet, recalls longer stories 

Divide the Memory Game into two sets with each set including one card from each pair. Lay one set face up in your child’s room and the other set face down in the living room. Invite your child to turn over a card from the face down set, leave it in the living room, and go find its match in their room. This helps them practice visual perception and memory, which help with reading.



Activity: Paint a Mirror


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental Icon: social and emotionalDevelopmental icon: sensoryDevelopmental icon: fine motor

Toys and Materials: Watercolor Set, a mirror

Milestones: Correctly names multiple colors, Possibly writes their own name 

Process art is art that focuses on the process of creating, rather than a desired result. Painting something like a mirror that will later be washed is a fun example. Using the Watercolor Set, take a small mirror outside and let your child paint over the reflection of the sky and trees. They could also paint over their own reflection in the bathroom mirror and then clean the mirror when done.



Activity: Research Time!


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental Icon: social and emotionalDevelopmental Icon: language & speech

Toys and Materials: Science Flash Cards, Paper and pencil

Milestones: Distinguishes between fantasy and reality, Speaks roughly 2000 words 

Ask your child to choose one of the Science Flash Cards. Help them to think of three things they would like to learn about the subject. Read the card together. If their questions aren’t answered, look in a book or on the computer together until you find the answers.





When your tot was a toddler, it was hard to imagine that they’d be off playing on their own soon, but that’s likely the case these days! Remember to set aside daily time for reading aloud. Even as your child learns to read themselves, this remains so important for vocabulary and literacy skills.



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