The Tot Play & Learn Set Additional Activities: 3 – 6 Months

Looking for activities and toys to aid with your infant’s development? The Tot Play & Learn Sets are created by expert early learning educators to help your baby reach important milestones.


According to the Montessori Method, children enter ‘sensitive periods,’ which are specific time frames in early development when they’re uniquely primed to learn particular skills. Some of these skills include rhythm, organization and reading.

The Tot Play & Learn sets are designed to help you provide your child with the right activities, advice and materials during these important developmental windows. Each set will spark your child’s curiosity, help them to reach important milestones while giving you confidence that you’re creating the best possible play and learning environment for your child.


The Tot Play & Learn Set 3-6 months


The Tot Play & Learn







Activity: Real vs. Picture


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental Icon: language & speechDevelopmental icon: sensory

Weeks: 20 – 24

Toys and Materials: High Contrast Stroller Cards

Milestones: Grasps a toy, Reaches for a toy, Babbles 

Choose three of the High Contrast Stroller Cards and remove them from the ring. Get the real version of each image (e.g., a pineapple, broccoli and a pumpkin). Lay them out on a blanket and match each card to the real item saying, “This is a pineapple, this is a picture of a pineapple,” etc. Let your baby touch and explore the real versions.



Activity: Loud vs. Soft


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental Icon: social and emotionalDevelopmental Icon: language & speechDevelopmental icon: sensory

Weeks: 16 – 24

Toys and Materials: Knitted Rattle, Dumbbell Rattle, Sensory Set

Milestones: Remembers how to play with toys, Babbles 

Gather the Knitted Rattle, Dumbbell Rattle and auditory sensory tumbler from the Sensory Set. Shake them one at a time. Talk about the differences in the sounds and which one is the quietest versus the loudest. Offer your baby a turn. Help them to grip each toy and then gently shake their hand to demonstrate how shaking makes each noise. 



Activity: What’s that Animal?


Developmental Icon: language & speech

Weeks: 12 – 24

Toys and Materials: Soft Book

Milestones: Babbles 

Use the Soft Book to introduce animal sounds! Many babies enjoy mimicking animal sounds before they start talking. Point to a picture of an animal, say its name, and make the sound associated with that animal. If you’re using baby sign language, you can also introduce the sign.



Activity: Threading


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon: fine motorDevelopmental icon: sensory

Weeks: 20 – 24

Toys and Materials: Rubber Ball, Swaddle blanket

Milestones: Grasps a toy or blanket, Reaches for a toy 

Babies love pulling tissues or wipes out of containers – this is a less messy alternative! Stuff the Swaddle inside the Rubber Ball. Leave a little corner poking out. Pull the Swaddle out in an animated way while your baby watches. Put it back in and offer them a turn!





Offer choice: Even before babies become mobile, they can choose their own toys. Lay 3 or so toys around the edge of a blanket, within or just outside of your baby’s reach and let them choose.



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