The Tot Play & Learn Set Additional Activities: 2 – 3 Years

Looking for activities and toys to aid with your toddler’s development? The Tot Play & Learn Sets are created by expert early learning educators to help your baby reach important milestones.

Educational toys for toddler

According to the Montessori Method, children enter ‘sensitive periods,’ which are specific time frames in early development when they’re uniquely primed to learn particular skills. Some of these skills include rhythm, organization and reading.

The Tot Play & Learn sets are designed to help you provide your child with the right activities, advice and materials during these important developmental windows. Each set will spark your child’s curiosity, help them to reach important milestones while giving you confidence that you’re creating the best possible play and learning environment for your child.


The Tot Play & Learn Set 2- 3 years


The Tot Play & Learn Set 2 – 3 Years







Activity: Go on a Letter Hunt


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental Icon: language & speech

Toys and Materials: ABC Flash Cards

Milestones: Displays problem solving skills 

Take three letter cards off the ABC Flash Cards ring. Invite your child to go on a letter hunt and walk around the house or backyard together until you find something that starts with the phonetic sound of the letter. Place the card on the object. Keep adding more letters as long as they’re interested!



Activity: Make That Shape


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon: fine motorDevelopmental icon: sensory

Toys and Materials: Shape Puzzle, Playdough & Rolling Pin

Milestones: Identifies simple shapes, manipulates playdough

After your child has practiced the Shape Puzzle, tell them you’re now going to make your own shapes. Use the Playdough and Rolling Pin to make a circle, square and triangle. If your child has trouble doing this, show them how to make a long “snake” from the playdough and form the outline of the shapes instead.



Activity: Drumming Opposites


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon - gross motor skillDevelopmental icon: sensory

Toys and Materials: Handheld drum

Milestones: Identifies simple opposites 

Use the Handheld Drum to demonstrate opposites like soft and loud, fast and slow, drumming up high or drumming down low. Hand them the drum and prompt them to drum loudly then softly, and so on.



Activity: Mix & Match


Developmental area icon: cognitiveDevelopmental icon: fine motorDevelopmental icon: sensory

Toys and Materials: Lacing Beads or Shape Puzzle, paper and pen

Milestones: Matches shapes and colors 

Draw a square, triangle and circle on three little pieces of paper. Mix up the Lacing Beads in a basket. Lay the three shape cards out and show your tot how to sort the pieces by shape, laying them neatly next to each card. You can also do this with the Shape Puzzle shapes. Just draw a rectangle, triangle and semicircle instead!





Now that your child has become a toddler, you’re likely to hear a lot more, “No!”  To give your child a sense of control and prevent tantrums, give them small choices like: ‘Would you like to walk or hop to the car? or ‘Do you want to put away your toys before or after your snack?’’ 



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