The Tot Play & Learn Set Additional Activities: 0 – 3 Months

Looking for activities and toys to aid with your infant’s development? The Tot Play & Learn Sets are created by expert early learning educators to help your baby reach important milestones.

educational toys for an infant

According to the Montessori Method, children enter ‘sensitive periods,’ which are specific time frames in early development when they’re uniquely primed to learn particular skills. Some of these skills include rhythm, organization and reading. 

The Tot Play & Learn sets are designed to help you provide your child with the right activities, advice and materials during these important developmental windows. Each set will spark your child’s curiosity, help them to reach important milestones while giving you confidence that you’re creating the best possible play and learning environment for your child.


Play & Learn Bundle 0-3m


The Tot Play & Learn Set 0 -3 Months







Activity: Outdoor Sensory Play


sensory - development

Weeks: 1 – 12

Toys and Materials: Swaddle, Sensory Ball, Crinkle Toy, Interlocking Discs

Milestones: Tracks objects with their eye, Develops depth perception, Language

Nature provides babies with the ideal sensory experience and is very calming. Lay your baby on the Swaddle outside under a tree. If you notice them watching a bird or squirrel, talk to them about what they see. It might feel strange to chat to your baby but they love hearing your voice and they’re learning and absorbing from day one. So talk to them as much as possible!

As your baby gets older, lay one of the 0 – 3 month toys on the Swaddle within their line of sight and encourage them to reach for it. Once they have it in their grasp, describe the object, show them the different sounds it makes and talk about the textures. If you’re outside, let them explore the feeling of grass or leaves on their fingers and toes. 



Activity: The Swaddle Dance


sensory - development

Weeks: 4 – 12

Toys and Materials: Swaddle

Milestones: Tracks objects with their eyes, Begins to smile at people, Makes noises 

Music is a wonderful aid to a baby’s development as they absorb the rhythm and sounds of our language. Sit with your baby when they’re alert and move the swaddle to the rhythm of the music, like a dancing scarf. Twirl it around, swish it up and wish it down, twirl it fast, twirl it sow! Try gently brushing the Swaddle over your baby’s face or hands and body to the rhythm of the music for a full body sensory experience!  



Activity: Roll the Ball


sensory - development

Weeks: 4 – 12

Toys and Materials: Sensory Ball

Milestones: Tracks objects with their eyes, Develops depth perception

Lay your baby down in tummy time position. Sit near them and slowly roll the Sensory Ball back and forth within their line of sight. Observe your baby and see if they’re watching. If they are, talk about how the ball is round and how it rolls. Continue playing as long as they’re interested. This is a great activity to do with an older sibling or visiting cousin as well!



Activity: Independent Art Time


sensory - development

Weeks: 4 – 12

Toys and Materials: Swaddle, High Contrast Black and White Illustrations

Milestones: Develops depth perception

Independent play time might sound strange for an infant, but it is never too early to start! Encouraging even young babies to spend some time on their own (with you nearby of course) makes it so much easier for them to play independently when they’re older. Lay your baby on the Swaddle and prop up a High Contrast Illustration (between 8 – 12 inches away max) so they can look at it on their own. Make sure you move the card around within their line of sight and give them the opportunity to turn in different directions. 

Get creative with the High Contrast Illustration cards and create some wall art in your baby’s nursery. Create a fun layout on the wall that changes every week near your baby’s crib or change table. They’ll love being visually stimulated and it’ll help them to focus on something else when you’re changing your tenth diaper! 



Create a DIY Nursery Mobile using the High Contrast Illustrations using an embroidery hoop. Use a hole punch to make holes in the top of each card, tie with varying lengths of string and attach to hoop, then hang! 



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