Help Baby Sleep (So You Can, Too) With A Weighted Sack

Combining the safety of sleep sacks with the calming properties of weighted blankets, weighted sacks have been lauded as “miracle workers,” helping infants who have a difficult time getting to sleep on their own sleep longer and better.


Sleep. Ah, the dreamy, restful, restorative shut-eye most of us take for granted until the day we become a new parent. With a newborn at home sleep deprivation sets in, turning us into nursing, diaper-changing, baby-burping zombies. 

According to a survey of 500 parents of newborns, nearly half reported getting only one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. One in five mothers reported having poor sleep every single night of the week due to their newborn. 

While sleeping in hours-long bursts is completely normal for infants, weighted sleep sacks like Dreamland’s Baby Weighted Sack can actually help babies sleep better and longer, giving exhausted parents the opportunity to catch a few winks, too. 


Necessity is the mother of invention (and in this case, a good’s night sleep)


The idea for a weighted sleep sack arose as a result of a happy accident. Tara Williams’s six-month-old son was waking up every 1.5 hours. One night she placed him under a heavy throw and noticed a profound change — he calmed down instantly. Tara’s mother-in-law sewed the first weighted sack prototype and tested it out on her grandson, who went from waking up every hour-and-a-half to sleeping through the night! Hence, the creation of Dreamland Baby.


A little weight goes a long way


Weighted sleep sacks combine the benefits of baby sacks and weighted blankets in an infant-safe design. Having experienced the comfort of the womb, infants prefer feeling snuggled, close to their caregivers, or being lulled to sleep through rhythmic motion or gentle pressure. That’s where wearable sleep sacks come into play. The weight of the sack is akin to a hug or the gentle pressure of a hand, helping reduce stress and instill a sense of well-being.


Benefits of a weighted sleep sack


According to Dreamland Baby, a weighted sleep sack offers the following benefits:

  • It emulates the comfort of a parent’s hug
  • Gentle pressure helps release serotonin and melatonin
  • Produces a feeling of relaxation and security
  • Decreases cortisol levels to reduce stress for an easier transition to sleep
  • Calms distracted babies while breastfeeding
  • Provides sensory input that naturally lulls babies into sleep


A must-have for certain temperaments


While some babies are great sleepers, many aren’t. Weighted sleep sacks are especially beneficial for the following temperaments:

  • Those who struggle to sleep or need to be held in order to fall asleep
  • Babies who quickly calm from a gentle touch of the hand
  • Infants who still experience the Moro Reflex but do not like to be swaddled
  • Little ones who might be experiencing sensory processing challenges


Sizing matters when it comes to weighted sacks


Dreamland’s weighted sacks are made with all-natural, non-toxic fibers, including the food-grade poly pellet beads that give them their weight. Choosing the right size ensures you’re giving your child the safest option.

As a rule of thumb, weighted sacks should use less than 10% of your baby’s body weight. 

  • Ages 0–6 is intended for infants 8 lb. and up. 
  • 6–12 is for infants 15 lb. and up.
  • 12–22 is for babies 20 lb. and up.

Whether it helps your baby sleep through the night or simply provides a soothing transition to sleep time, a weighted sleep sack can make a world of difference, giving both tired parents and restless babies a much-needed opportunity to relax, recharge and recover from the 24/7 job of being a new parent.


Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sack

Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sack





Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sack & Swaddle

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack And Swaddle







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