Blue Blocker Glasses: What Are They & Can They Protect Your Child’s Eyes?

When emitted from the sun, blue light helps give us energy and encourages a natural circadian rhythm. But what happens when you’re exposed to too much of it due to the abundance of artificial lighting and screens? In this article we look at the benefits and drawbacks of blue light wavelengths and the science behind RA Optics’ blue blocker glasses.

blue light blocking glasses

Before artificial lighting became the norm, our bodies were set to rise with the sun and rest at nightfall. We also didn’t have access to LED lightbulbs, computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphones, which meant a whole lot more time spent outdoors or playing by candlelight.

While there is a whole lot of good that comes with these technological advancements, the drawbacks of extended exposure to blue light rays has many of us paying a price. From disruption to our sleep cycles to headaches from straining our eyes, there’s definitely cause for concern.


In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of blue light exposure
  • The science behind blue blocking glasses
  • How blue blocking glasses can help school-age kids
  • The company, RA Optics, and how the founder, Matt Maruca, is making blue blocker glasses for the whole family


The benefits of blue light


The good news about blue light exposure is that it helps you stay alert, improves your memory and even elevates your mood. Kind to the environment, it’s actually used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression linked to seasonal changes.


The drawbacks of blue light


The bad news about blue light exposure is that it can majorly disrupt your sleep cycle, which puts you at risk for nearly every modern chronic disease. 

When exposed to blue light wavelengths – either by lightbulb, tv, phone or whatever other light-emitting device you’re on 24/7 – your body produces more of our stress hormone, cortisol, which causes us to be energetic and alert. The issue here is that our body clocks get out-of-whack and don’t get the signal to produce melatonin, which is the body’s primary anti-oxidant and defense against aging and disease. Melatonin makes you sleep and sleep is where your body gets to rest and repair!

When looking at the statistics of non-communicable chronic diseases, it’s alarming to see the correlation of occurrence and our shift to becoming an indoor society.

Some health professionals and researchers are now focusing on the mitochondria, which are the parts of our cells that convert energy stored in food into useful chemical energy. When disrupted, the results can be severe. For example, diminished mitochondrial function has been linked to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, cancer, and many other diseases. Blue blocker maker, RA Optics, explains:


“Conversely, optimizing mitochondrial function by removing deleterious factors and introducing beneficial factors improves the function of all biological systems, including sleep, regeneration, detox, mental health, and so on, and is wholly necessary to prevent and reverse modern chronic disease. As the old saying goes “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The main cause of modern mitochondrial dysfunction is modern man’s transition to a primarily indoor lifestyle. According to US government research, the average American now spends 87% of their waking hours indoors and an additional 6% of waking hours in a car. The consequences of this modern lifestyle are disastrous to our mitochondria and lay the foundation for chronic disease in many ways.”


What are blue blocking glasses?


Just like they sound, blue blocking glasses block the blue light wavelengths from penetrating your eye. Interestingly, blue light scatters easier than other visible light, which means it’s not as easy to focus on. Have you ever found yourself straining to look at your computer screen? That’s because of blue light!

RA Optics’ lens technology removes the wavelengths of modern artificial lights that are most disruptive and damaging to our sleep, circadian rhythm, and overall health, allowing us to minimize the risk of the tremendous disruptive effects of artificial light.  All made in the USA, they have options that should be worn during the day and options for night use. 

Ideally, blue blocker glasses should be worn by both adults and children in the following scenarios:

  • When working on a computer
  • When looking at a smartphone screen
  • When playing on a tablet
  • When in a school or work setting with artificial lighting
  • While watching TV or a movie at night


A father and child wearing RA Optics blue blocker glasses


They should NOT be worn in natural sunlight. Many studies show that full-spectrum sunlight is critical for optimal health. Your blue blocker glasses may block ultraviolet light, which is nature’s way of signaling our pupils to contract and note light levels. 

It’s also important to note that blue blocker glasses are just one of many factors in achieving mitochondrial health. RA Optics explains, 


“Melatonin is made by the interaction of ultraviolet light frequencies from the sun, our eyes, and an amino acid called tryptophan.  For the maximal results, one must watch the sunrise every day, or at the very minimum, spend some time outdoors in the morning as light levels incline, even if it is as little as a 15-minute walk.  If you can be outdoors while the sun is setting for the brain to register the declining light levels, this also confers a large benefit. Embody Benjamin Franklin’s quote: Early to bed and early to rise makes any man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”



A mother and kids wearing RA Optics Blue Blocker Glasses


How blue blockers can help school-age kids


With children spending more and more time in front of screens, school-age kids are increasingly complaining of headaches, fatigue and eye strain. Blue blocking glasses do not necessarily relieve eye strain, but they can relieve symptoms that lead to migraines. They also help improve both the quantity and quality of sleep, which ultimately boosts both academic performance, social engagement and physical energy.


The best blue blocking glasses from RA Optics


Because people need different levels of protection depending on the time of day/night, RA Optics offers lenses for both daytime (yellow) and nighttime (orange).



Unlike mainstream blue blockers that block less than 3% of the most damaging spike of light, RA Optics Ultimate Daytime Lenses block 100% of the most damaging spike of Blue Light emitted by LED lights and screens, while still achieving maximal light absorption across the most damaging spectrum. While they’re optimal for daytime use, they are still beneficial at night when compared to wearing no blue blocking glasses at all.



After the sun sets, avoiding all artificial light is crucial in order to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, however, it’s not always possible. That’s where RA Optics Ultimate Nighttime Lenses come in. Offering even more protection (all blue and the majority of green light frequencies up to 550 nanometers, as these are the most energetic parts emitted from modern lighting and have the most substantial impact on our sleep cycle, melatonin level, and sleep quality), you’ll still be able to see easily inside.


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