Top 3 Postpartum Recovery Tips

When you have a newborn to look after, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. Find out how to take care of your body and mind after childbirth to ensure a prompt postpartum recovery.


Your precious bundle is finally here! Before you make plans to hit the gym or go out dancing, keep in mind that it will take at least six weeks for postpartum recovery, whether you gave birth naturally or you had a C-section. Your uterus has to shrink back to its original size, scars and tears need to heal, and your body generally has to adjust to not being pregnant anymore – all of this with very little rest or sleep.

While it can be challenging to take care of yourself when an adorable tiny dictator is calling all the shots, these postpartum recovery tips will have you back on your feet in no time.

In this postpartum recovery article, I’ll cover:

  • Healthy eating in the postpartum recovery period
  • Getting enough rest and sleep during postpartum recovery
  • Setting yourself up for breastfeeding success in the postpartum recovery period

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  1. Eat well and stay hydrated


You probably ate several small meals a day while you were pregnant to keep your energy levels up and nausea at bay, and now’s not the time to change that winning formula. Hopefully you’re not feeling queasy anymore, but you’ll still need to eat often to ease fatigue. If you’re breastfeeding, you may even need to eat a little more – an extra 450 to 500 calories a day – to keep up with the energy demands of milk production. Woohoo!

But that doesn’t mean you should load your shopping cart with chocolate and ice cream (sorry!). Choose a wide variety of foods that are high in protein (like lean meat, dairy products, eggs, beans), whole grains (whole-wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal) and healthy fats (avocado, nuts, olive oil and salmon). And make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber – from fruits, vegetables and whole grains – to keep your digestion moving.

You’ll also need to drink plenty of water – about eight 8-oz glasses per day. But everyone’s fluid needs are different, so make sure your urine is pale yellow. Avoid or limit drinks that contain sugar, caffeine or alcohol.


  1. Relax and sleep as often as you can

I’ll admit that I completely ignored this tip when I had my first child because I was on a strange hormonal high that made me feel superhuman. “I’m fine!” I exclaimed enthusiastically when well-meaning family members suggested I rest while my daughter was napping. “I don’t feel tired! Plus, there’s so much to do! I need to color-code all her clothes!”

Trust me on this one – it’s essential to take time for yourself and catch up on sleep whenever you can if you don’t want to end up a Mombie like I did. If you find it difficult to “switch off” and fall asleep on command, try having a relaxing bath or reading a book in bed. Even if you just rest for a while, you’ll feel better than if you vacuum the entire house and alphabetize the spice rack.


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  1. Set yourself up for breastfeeding success 

With the dizzying array of gimmicky baby products out here, you might wonder if you really need a bunch of gear to breastfeed. It’s natural, right?! Why would you need to buy anything?

Take it from a mom who nursed three kids including twins – this is one area where you shouldn’t skimp. Breastfeeding might be natural, but it can be difficult and draining if you don’t have what you need. Having the right gear can save your sanity! 

Put these items on your shopping list: a fantastic nursing tank, natural nipple balm, a high-quality breast pump and non-toxic baby bottles. You can thank me later!


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