The Tot FIVE x FIVE: Lizzie Means Duplantis

Each month The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. This month we talk to bespoke boot designer and mom of three, Lizzie Means Duplantis.

Lizzie Means Duplantis

Raised on a sprawling West Texas ranch, Lizzie Means Duplantis has always had a passion for the fusion of Texas authenticity and New York fashion. After spending many years in New York City working for companies like Forbes and Goldman Sachs, together with her sister, Sarah Means, Lizzie now runs the boutique boot brand, Miron Crosby, which has a flagship store in Highland Park Village, Texas. Beloved by women, men and children across the globe, each pair of Miron Crosby boots is handcrafted by Rios of Mercedes, a world-renowned 160-year-old artisan boot manufacturer, which is owned by their cousins. Lizzie is also a mother, avid runner and self-confessed lover of wine, podcasts and in-home manicures. Full of gratitude, exuberance and drive, Lizzie is as passionate about her family as she is about creating bespoke footwear. Put simply – to know her is to love her.



  1. What’s the most challenging thing about motherhood? I imagine that this answer is not profound, but my greatest challenge and the hardest aspect of adjusting to motherhood for me is that my time is no longer my own. I don’t have the option to stay at work late on a whim, or agree to an early morning walk unless Seth can be home. And I’ll be honest, I pine(!) for the Saturdays when I used to sleep in.  What luxury!
  2. What’s your proudest mom moment so far? I twinkle inside at small moments like overhearing my children be kind to each other on the monitor while they’re upstairs and I’m in my bedroom. I’m not watching, they don’t know I’m listening, and it gives me confidence that the manners, lessons and compassion I am trying so hard to impart is making an impact!
  3. What are the non-negotiables that keep you and your family centered? Sundays are sacred.  It’s our family’s day, and Seth and I are committed to being home and offline. We love making breakfast, going to church, and we have a standing lunch date at a local hamburger joint with an oversized gumball machine that the kids love. Sunday naps and cuddles on the couch are my very favorite.  For us, Sunday is a day to recharge and take time to appreciate each other and be together.  It really does anchor our week. For me personally, my outdoor runs with my chocolate lab, Marfa, are a time to work out tension and recenter my thinking. I love a good run. Running has always helped to clear my head and find perspective. I also love to be outside, especially on the ranch. Something about being home is so grounding, so familiar, and it’s the perfect mix of nostalgia and excitement to me.
  4. With such a busy career and three kids in tow, how do you treat yourself to ‘me’ time? I’m really relational, so early coffee with Seth, a phone call with my mom or sister, and a drink with friends fills me. I’m also reminded that life is fleeting, so I love to celebrate!  Anything!  Birthdays, promotions, a baby finally sleeping through the night – I’m never hard pressed to find a reason for a party!
  5. What are your go-to lifesaving hacks that you use in your life? My survival kit: making lists, waking up early, encouraging Podcasts (How I Built This and Skimm’d From the Couch are current favorites), Google calendar with alerts, wine at the ready, the Cherry app for in-home manicures, a great pair of boots and a robust rolodex of babysitters ;).



The items I chose are fun, stylish, and NECESSARY!

I love for items I choose for my children, and for me, to be stylish but functional. As a fashion designer myself, I know that quality is as important as functionality. I use this criteria as my north star when purchasing product and it is a great filter. Deciding that I appreciate product that is beautiful (i.e. well made) and functional has helped me to reduce clutter, committing to fewer things with greater benefit. This is not always easy to do with the amount of baby gear available at this day and age! The Tot has curated the most compelling, beautiful and sensible collection for families.  I also love that The Tot was launched by Nasiba Adilova, an innovative, stylish, forward-thinking Dallas-based woman. I adore the brand!




  1. The Modern Twist Bucket BibThe Modern Twist Bucket Bib is a total life saver when it comes to easy clean-up after a meal on the go.  I’m obsessed.
  2. Baby K’Tan Original Baby Carrier: I’m embarrassed to say this, but I borrowed a friend’s Baby K’Tan when my third was born, and am horrified I didn’t have one when my other children were babies!  I now own two, and having the K’Tan made life so much more manageable when Fields was tiny – I could fix dinner, answer emails, chase June and Bates – all while toting the baby!  But for travel, it’s imperative.  Plus I love having a baby snuggled up against me.
  3. A Christmas Carol Book: We don’t go anywhere – the grocery store or the airport, without a book or two, and a current favorite is A Christmas Carol.  Books are the best distraction, and so much easier to slip in a bag than bulky toys.
  4. Parker and Thatch Mimi Bag: I LOVE my Parker and Thatch Mimi Bag! The bold stripes and monogram are fresh and stylish, and the bag has limitless amounts of room.   The best perk?  The interior pocket is perfect for storing bottles, or toting a bottle of wine.
  5. Baby&Taylor Personalized Cashmere SweaterAnd finally, the Baby and Taylor “Squad” sweater: cozy and oh so cute, it makes for the perfect travel uniform!