The Tot 10 list: On-the-go

For busy mamas, the world of baby must-haves can get pretty overwhelming.  Not only do we want high-quality products, but we want to make sure they are designed with an eye for safety, durability, style, and that they are free of nasty toxins.

Ergo feature
Photo by Elisse Gabriel

We have simplified things for chic mamas like you with our Top 10 List of Must-Haves for on-the-go items. Here are our favorites:




Ever worry if your stroller is compact enough to take to your favorite brunch place? Or to check at the gate when you travel? Or if it’s durable enough to walk around the city without having to fuss about the bulkiness? The GB Pockit Stroller is literally the world’s smallest stroller, expertly designed to be lightweight – for ease of pushing to carrying within seconds. It comes in 5 cool colors!




The Jem & Bea Lola Tote is the ultimate in sports luxe style. Made of featherweight Ripstop nylon, it has durable shoulder straps, a detachable cross body strap and is perfect for parents on the go.




Carrying your tot with a baby carrier is not only convenient, but it has also become so common everywhere we go. Choosing the right one, however, is like choosing the perfect accessory. The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Cool Air Carrier is not only stylish but has a unique structured bucket seat that keeps baby ergonomically seated in all carry positions. It is designed to allow for even distribution of baby’s weight with a sleeping hood that supports baby’s head and protects baby from the sun (and gives you privacy while nursing)!


#4 Modern-Twist Bucket Bib


There’s nothing cuter (and messier) than feeding your tot with solid food. We may have tons of adorable cloth bibs but we know that there’s nothing more clever than these silicone crumb-catchers that are easy to clean, functional and stylish. The plastic-free Modern-twist Bucket-bib is made of pure, silky soft & reusable silicone that keeps your baby’s sensitive skin happy and prevents single-use options from ending up in our oceans and landfills.


#5 Miniware First Bites Travel Set


Making time for a proper meal while traveling can keep babies happy and healthy. The Miniware First Bites Travel Set includes a zipper bag made from organic cotton with a layer of food level TPU inner liner that keeps leaks and smells safely inside. It also has a bowl and cutlery set that is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable and even burnable material.




Older kids love grabbing snacks by themselves, which makes the Marcus & Marcus silicone snack bowl a must have for toddlers on the move. It comes with a lid and soft flaps that make it easy for toddlers to grab snacks without spilling.




We take our breastmilk seriously, so choosing a reliable breast pump is an important decision. For any mom who is mobile and often out-and-about, the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-go Tote is a portable double electric breastbump designed for moms like you. You can pump several times a day using its advanced 2-Phase Expression technology allowing for a Stimulation and Expression Phase. Mamas, this is one seriously clever accessory – the digital display features a memory button, timer and backlight for easy tracking & recording of your pump sessions!




Swaddles are one of the most versatile things you can own. From swaddling to tummy time to creating shade to providing a cover while nursing, HART + LAND’s Organic Cotton Swaddle can and will do it all.




The award-winning Thinkably Sippy Steel is perfect for 9 to 36 month olds. It comes with a Travel Top, which reduces chance of spillage when you’re on the go. It’s also light-weight, durable, safe and gentle on your child’s mouth.




Kids need to be entertained wherever they may go. We love Petit Collage’s magnetic drawing set because you won’t risk losing crayons under an airplane seat or seeing marker on your car’s upholstery