Five Nursing Pillow Uses & Benefits

Nursing pillows aren’t just some gimmicky way to sell pregnant ladies one more thing – they’re genuinely useful. Here’s why.


When I had my first baby, I thought nursing pillows were a silly gimmick designed to sell one more thing to pregnant women. A pillow? For nursing? Ridiculous.

Then I had my baby, and I began feeding her. Ten times a day, sometimes for an hour at a time.

My back hurt. My neck hurt. My shoulders hurt. Everything hurt. I permanently had a crick in my neck, and my shoulders seemed to have risen a few extra inches – and stayed there. I hunched over constantly.

Then a friend gifted me a nursing pillow, and from the very first go, I was hooked. Suddenly, breastfeeding didn’t hurt. Suddenly, my back felt supported, my shoulders could relax, and my neck was – for once – not tense. And because I was more relaxed, my baby was, too. She latched on more easily, seemed calmer and happier, and finished her feed with a big, gummy grin. Ever since then, I’ve been a bit of a nursing pillow evangelist, explaining their many merits to any new mom I meet.


5 Benefits of Nursing Pillows


  1. Nursing pillows save your back, neck and shoulders. Your baby will be feeding a lot in those first few months – sometimes up to 10 times a day – and the feeds can take up to an hour each. You’ll be sitting down, nursing a little one, for most of the day, so it pays to be comfortable. The last thing you want as a new mom is to have to get yourself to the chiropractor because you’ve damaged your back while feeding – trust me, you’ll have enough to worry about without this! A pillow ensures that your baby is at the right height for your breast, so your shoulders don’t do the work for you. Your back is supported, and your shoulders and neck can relax.
  2. Nursing pillows aren’t just for breastfeeding moms – bottle-fed babies can use them, too! In fact, sometimes nursing a bottle-fed baby can be even more taxing on your back and shoulders, so investing in a pillow is a great way to ensure your posture survives!
  3. Recovering from a C-section? A nursing pillow is your best friend, as it allows a buffer between your baby and your abdomen.
  4. Nursing pillows can encourage latching. Nursing pillows bring your baby to the right height for feeding, which can assist with latching.
  5. Nursing pillows aren’t just for feeding! You can use them for tummy time (under supervision) and also to prop your baby up as she gets older (in fact, this was their original purpose!).


When shopping for the right nursing pillow for you, look for one that’s:


  • Firm, but not too You want it to “mold” to the shape of your body (much like your regular pillow does with your head), but also be firm enough to take the weight of your baby.
  • Made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials.
  • Got a removable, machine-washable cover. If you can, buy a spare cover – trust us, it’ll come in handy!


The Tot’s Nursing Pillow Pick


Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


A world leader in safe sleeping products for infants, Nook Sleep Systems has done it again with this feeding pillow: it has a removable, washable organic cotton and eucalyptus cover and body-hugging arms (so once you get your position right, it stays that way).


Nook Niche Feeding Pillow in SeaGlass


Nook Sleep Systems Niche Organic Feeding Pillow


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