Introducing the world’s smallest stroller – The Pockit

Looking for a new stroller? Look no further! The must-have, light-as-a-feather Pockit is here.


Choosing a stoller is fraught. There are many factors to take into consideration such as your budget, your lifestyle, your space and your location to name but a few.

There is simply a huge range of strollers to choose from. You spend hours researching, going to the baby store to test them out – it can all become an overwhelming blur, especially if you’re a mama-to-be and you’ve never had to consider these sorts of things before.

Making the decision is not something one does lightly, though if the opportunity presented itself, we might like to do it super-lightly! Well, opportunity awaits!

We recently came across a stroller that totally blew our minds and had us asking ”Where have you been all my life?”.

Allow us to introduce the Pockit Stroller….

Compact, light-as-a-feather, super-cute and practical – all words describing the “world’s smallest stroller” – the Pockit. It’s a title this tiny stroller wears proudly: it’s even been made official by the Guiness World Records.

When folded it is the smallest and most compact stroller currently available on the market. In two simple steps the stroller becomes a feather-light handbag shaped package (9.5 lbs), making it a must-have for on-the-go moms.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pockit Stroller:

It suits babies from 6 months up to 55 lbs.


  • Compact fold: L 11.8 inch / W 7.1 inch / H 19.9 inch
  • Ultra-compact fold: L 11.8 inch / W 7.1 inch / H 13.8 inch
  • Full size: L 28 inch / W 17.5 inch / H 39.8 inch
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs

Key features and benefits

  • Folding champion: With its innovative two-step folding technique, you can switch from pushing to carrying in seconds
  • Light as a feather: In two simple steps the Pockit Stroller becomes a record breaking small-sized package, weighting only 9.5 lbs
  • Self-standing when folded: Cleverly designed to stand alone when folded, it can be conveniently put aside at your favorite cafe or restaurant
  • Small but strong: Built using durable materials and expertly designed, it might be small, but the Pockit Stroller is built to last
  • One-hand push: Convenient pushing and steering
  • Adjustable harness system: The secure safety belt with protective comfort pads can be set at different heights and fastened or loosened for a cozy and secure fit
  • Two-step fold: Folds in seconds into a handbag shaped package
  • Front swivel wheels: Can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces

The Pockit Stroller is $249.95 plus FREE shipping. Do not miss out on this marvel of a stroller. Click here to order yours now!