10 Best Baby Podcasts For New Parents

Close your eyes, pop your headphones on and listen in


So it follows that there are plenty of podcasts out there for parents, and in particular, for mamas. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. They make great listening for your commute, long car rides, and of course, late nights spent nursing.


9 Podcasts For Parents


1. The Longest Shortest Time


Possibly the most popular and best-known of the lot, this long-running podcast is hosted by moms Hillary Frank, a contributor to another hugely successful podcast, This American Life. With episodes about the reality of returning to work as a mama, interviews with famous moms (like comedy writer Jessi Klein and broadcaster Katie Couric) and a sense of radical transparency about what it is to be a mom today, this is a must-listen. Listen to The Longest Shortest Time


2. One Bad Mother


Funny and fearless, this podcast takes the craziness of parenting and turns it into something, well, hilarious. Like a conversation with your best girlfriends, this is a strictly mamas-only podcast (ie no listening while your kids are in the car!). Listen to One Bad Mother


3. Hello, Bump


This ten-part podcast focuses on one month of pregnancy per episode (with a bonus episode about the first six weeks of your baby’s life), and goes through the trials, challenges and loveliness of pregnancy. Told with humor and candor, it’s easy listening for your commute. Listen to Hello, bump


4. BabyTalk


Short, snappy episodes dedicated to one topic at a time – everything from IVF to twins to meningitis to calm birth – make this podcast valuable, satisfying listening. Listen to BabyTalk


5. Birthful


Covering the spectrum from conception to postpartum care, this podcast is like a calm birth course in audio form. The advice is realistic but nurturing, and always rewarding. Listen to Birthful


6. Not By Accident


A single, lesbian mother recounts her personal story to become a single mom – not by accident, but by choice. Illuminating, insightful and just lovely, this makes for excellent listening. Listen to Not By Accident


7. The New Normal


Parenting, work and life – how do any of us find the elusive balance between all three? This podcast tries to figure that out, and takes you along for the journey. Listen to The New Normal


8. PediaCast


The doctor is in! Dr Mike’s popular pediatric podcast has been downloaded more than 2 million times for good reason – it’s an amazing resource for frustrated parents. Whether your little one is suffering their third ear infection in as many weeks, you’re not sure which sunscreen to use on your newborn or you want to know what constitutes a healthy breakfast at each age, Dr Mike has you covered. An invaluable resource for parents, new and old. Listen to pediacast


9. Dads Don’t Know


This trio of Australian dads is navigating the perils and pitfalls – as well as the pleasures – of parenting with humor, and they’re taking you along for the ride.  Funny and frank, these guys dispense a dad’s perspective on the parenting caper – one that deserves to be told, and to be heard. Even if you’re not into it, your partner might be. Listen to Dads Don’t Know


10. The Mommy Labor Nurse


When Registered Labor & Delivery Nurse, Liesel Teen launched her podcast, her goal was to help educate moms on all things pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.The highly informative Mommy Labor Nurse podcast includes Q&A’s on pregnancy-related topics, expert interviews, and a variety of birth stories that will engage, educate and entertain. Listen to The Mommy Labor Nurse


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