Parenting Trends for 2021

The experts at Pinterest have released their annual report predicting trends for the year to come. Here are their top parenting projections for 2021 and we’re already getting excited…

Free range parenting

Each year, the people at Pinterest analyze millions of search terms from around the world and release a report called Pinterest Predicts that forecasts the top trends in categories ranging from beauty and home to travel and parenting.

I honestly didn’t think I’d get excited about “parenting trends”. I’m not one to jump on every bandwagon that appears in my newsfeed, mainly because I find many trends to be fleeting and wasteful. But when I saw Pinterest’s predictions, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were neither of those things. In fact, I’m already planning activities and crafts for my kids based on them!

The top parenting trends for 2021 are:

  • Save the planet, but make it fun!
  • Lessons in mindfulness for children
  • Not-so-furry pets

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  1. Save the planet the fun way


The Pinterest experts predict that the planet will become our new playground. We’ll use sustainable materials for play and educate our kids while we entertain them. Hooray!

Here are the top search terms relating to this trend and some of our favorite ideas and products:

Pencil shaving art for kids – up 115%

We love this clever way of reusing pencil shavings to make beautiful artwork!

Cardboard toys – up 85%

Not only will parents find ways to reuse cardboard they already have to do craft projects with their little ones, they’ll also look for cardboard toys that are recyclable to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Outdoor education – up 85%

Natural materials such as sticks, leaves, feathers and flowers will be all the rage for crafts and educational activities. Parents will also snap up toys that encourage outdoor play.


  1. Lessons in mindfulness for kids


Pinterest projects that ‘heart schooling’ will be the new homeschooling. Parents will teach their kids about mindfulness, morality and real-world lessons. I couldn’t love this more!

Here are some of the top search terms and our fave products:

Mindfulness activities for children – up 3 times

Most of us have had to learn a thing or two about mindfulness to stay as calm and centered as possible throughout this crazy year. Now we want to teach our kids how to be mindful while they’re still young and can learn it much more easily!

Stories with moral lessons – up 4 times

In 2021, we want to teach our kids to be kind, compassionate, inclusive and brave. Those are worthy lessons!

Teaching kids manners – up 145%

Being locked down with our kids may have exposed some gaps in their manners because many of us are searching how to teach them! 


  1. Not-so-furry pets


In 2021, high-maintenance furry pets like cats, dogs and hamsters are out. So, what’s in? Check out the top search terms!

Pet snails – up 160%

Pet frog – up 110%

Tortoise food – up 95%

Pet chameleon – up 50%

Pet lizards – up 40%

Not feeling the creepy-crawly pet trend? Try these animal games and toys instead:


Tot Product Picks for Parenting in 2021


Moulin Roty I am working toolbox







Janod Toys Body Magnet in 12 Languages







Re-Cycle-Me Turning Garbage into Science

Re-cycle Me – Turning Garbage into Science Kit






The Monarch Studio Outdoor/Indoor Double Sink Mud Kitchen

Monarch Studio’s Double Sink Mud Kitchen






Plum discovery create and paint easel

PLUM Discovery Create & Paint Easel






Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Flash Cards

Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Flash Cards






PAAVANI Ayurveda Aromatherapy Ritual Set

PAAVANI Ayurveda Aromatherapy Ritual Set






Little People, Big Dreams Black Voices Book Set

Little People, Big Dream Black Voices Book Set






Little People, Big Dreams Women in Art

Little People, Big Dreams Women in Art Book Set






Tender Leaf Toys Breakfast Tray

TenderLeaf Toys Wooden Breakfast Tray







Marie-Chantal Manners Begin At Breakfast






eeBoo Game Set

Eboo Game Night Set






eeBoo Pre-School Learning Set Level 1

Eboo Pre-school Learning Set 1






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