Three New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

As the New Year quickly approaches, think about setting goals as parents – not just individual goals. Read how you can start the New Year off as less stressed and more focused parents!


As the New Year approaches and we think about our own personal resolutions as parents, it’s important to take a step back and to reflect. Think about what would make your relationship with your children even more meaningful. Below are a few suggestions for realistic resolutions that can help you achieve your goals as a successful parent.

Reserve Time

Find a time of day that you can give your child your undivided attention. This means no multitasking, no phones, no distractions – just time dedicated to your little one. This could be as simple as your bedtime routine together, family dinner, walking the dog around the block together or dedicated play time (or all four!). Be sure to find that time of the day where you both can enjoy one another’s company, check-in with your kiddo, and strengthen your relationship. Whether you spend that time reading, playing, or exploring together – the time you spend together is invaluable!

Just Breathe

When your child is tantruming or testing limits, take a deep breath (or several depending on how the day is going) and ground yourself. Try to understand where s/he are coming from, help them label how they are feeling, and help them calm down so that you can find a solution together. If you try to relate instead of battling with them, you may find these moments are more successful, less frequent, and can be turned into a learning opportunity. Remember, the key to Positive Parenting is to be a role model with our own behavior.

Don’t compare yourself to other parents

This is an important one. As parents, we add too much pressure on ourselves to give our children the best life possible.  Especially when we are immersed in the lives of “perfect” parents on social media, it’s hard not to compare yourself. But remember, you never know that’s happening in the background as these are just highly curated moments in their lives. So, we need to stop putting the extra pressure on ourselves and creating guilt over things we may or may not be doing.  Instead, focus on IF we are doing everything WE can and what is best for our child and our own personal parenting goals. Prioritizing your family and personal relationships will set a strong example for your children and allow them to develop happy, health relationships themselves.

Happy New Year!