Nasiba’s Gift Guide For The Mama-To-Be

As a mother of two and founder of The Tot, Nasiba Adilova, knows exactly what expecting mothers truly want and need. From a miraculous support bellyband to the most divine stretch mark oil (that actually works), there’s something in this gift guide for everyone.


While pregnancy is one of the most incredible and enjoyable things your body can go through, it can also be one of the most physically and mentally draining experiences of your life. Many women experience neck and back aches, reflux, itchiness from skin stretching to accommodate a growing baby and relentless exhaustion (to name a few joys…) Luckily, the brands we love have created products that truly do make the ride a whole lot easier.

When I was pregnant with both of my children I really enjoyed going to pre-natal yoga, getting pregnancy massages and reading books about what was happening to my body. Gift certificates to a yoga or Pilates studio or a day spa that specializes in organic pregnancy treatments are always a winner! If you’re after something a bit more tangible, I have a whole list below of the items I absolutely loved and couldn’t have lived without while I was growing my boys.


My Gift Guide For Mamas-To-Be:


Blanqi SportSupport Hipster Contour Leggings

Blanqi Maternity Sport Support Leggings

I’m not going to lie – I lived in these Blanqi Contour Leggings when I was pregnant! Specifically designed for pregnant women, I even wore them post pregnancy because their seamless design and breathable fabric offered the style and support I was longing for.


Petite Plume Red Mini Gigham Beatrice Nightgown

Hart + Land Organic Cotton Pajama Set in white with Holiday Llamas print

Made with a luxurious yarn-dyed 100% woven cotton to prevent fading, Petite Plume’s Red Mini-Gingham Beatrice Nightgown is brushed for softness and will keep mamas-to-be extra snuggly.


SKIN Kahali Robe

Skin Wrap robe in black

Made of buttery soft 100% pima cotton jersey, the SKIN Kahali Robe makes lounging around the house on a lazy day even more enjoyable. I also used this a lot during the first few weeks I was mastering breastfeeding.


BÉABA Big Flopsy Maternity Nursing Pillow

 Beaba Big Flopsy Nursing Pillow

The thing that I love about the Big Flopsy Maternity Nursing Pillow is how versatile it is. When I was pregnant I wedged it between my legs or under my belly while sleeping and then used it for supporting my arms and back while nursing both of my kids.


Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil

Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil

Made with USDA Organic ingredients and completely non-toxic, Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil saved my body. As someone who had an itchy belly, the oil was soothing, relaxing and gave my skin exactly what it needed, minus the toxic chemicals!


Jem & Bea Lola Tote

Jem & Bea Lola Tote 

You can’t go wrong with the Jem & Bea Lola Tote. Perfect for your trip to the hospital to have your baby or for use as a diaper bag, its sportsluxe style and lightweight design is chic and versatile.


Blanqi Lift-Up Access Underbust Postpartum Nursing Support Tank

 Blanqi Lift Up Nursing Tank

Blanqi truly understands what a pregnant woman’s body needs and has created this incredible underbust postpartum nursing support tank that is designed to help hold your core stable while allowing for easy access.


Hatch Walkabout Jumper

Sleeper Linen Lounge Dress in Beige 


This is another piece that I lived in during my pregnancies and after. The Hatch Walkabout Jumper is comfortable, chic and a piece you’ll wear long after baby arrives.


Blanqi Built-In Support Bellyband

Blanqi Belly Band 

If I had to suggest one item for your maternity wardrobe, I’d say get the Blanqi Built-in Support Belly Band. Not only does it help decrease pressure on the pelvic floor and reduce abdominal and back pain, it can help hold unbuttoned pants in place or add the extra length needed under one of your pre-baby shirts.


The Organic Pharmacy Pregnancy and Labor Kit

The Organic Pharmacy Pregnancy and Labor Kit 

The perfect companion towards the end of pregnancy, through labor and post labor, this Organic Pharmacy kit has been carefully designed to quickly and effectively help balance the body and mind. I highly recommend it to all mamas-to-be. The kit contains:

  • Caulophyllum 200cH 7g pills
  • Alfalfa Complex Tonic 20ml
  • Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula & SOS 200cH 7g pills
  • Pulsatilla, Sepia, Cimicifuga 200 c 7g pills
  • Hypericum, Calendula, Propolis Tincture Spray 10ml
  • Rose Facial Spritz 10ml
  • Miracle Nipple cream 5ml
  • Monoi Lip 5ml
  • Virgin Rose Hip Oil 5ml


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