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Nasiba Adilova’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect present? The Tot Co-Founder and mama of two, Nasiba Adilova, shares her favorite gift picks for this holiday season that kids and parents will both genuinely love and want to use


It can be so frustrating to buy a toy or outfit that falls apart after a few uses or isn’t all that purposeful. The thought of the abundance of discarded toys, clothes and gear filling up our landfills breaks my heart, which is why I am always very careful with the decisions I make when it comes to choosing products for myself, my family and my friends.

Wherever possible, I want to be sure that what I’m purchasing is produced ethically, sustainably and is free from harmful chemicals. I also want the item to be purposeful. When shopping, I like to ask myself the following questions about the item: Is it educational? Is it thoughtfully designed? Is it going to stand the test of time? Is it safe? What value does it add to the person receiving it?

These questions help me narrow down the perfect gift because I end up choosing something that is not only going to be fun to wear or use, but something that will be truly cherished for years to come. In an effort to help you find the perfect gift for your kids, friends or yourself, I’ve listed my picks for this holiday season.

Tiny Bee Gift Co. Where The Wild Things Are Book


Where The Wild Things Are is one of my all time favorite books to read to my boys and is a wonderful gender-neutral gift that’s perfect for kids aged 2 to 6.

Also – For each Tiny Bee book purchased from The Tot, Tiny Bee donates a second book to Baby2Baby, who provide low-income children with the basic necessities (including books!) that every child deserves.

Jupiduu see-saw, slide and rocking horse

JupiduuSeeSawGreen2 JupiduuSlideGreen1  JupiduuRockingHorseGreen2


I love the Jupiduu See-saw because it’s made with non-toxic materials and looks great in any space. Because exercise is imperative for a child’s development, having an indoor see-saw for solo playtime or play-dates on rainy or hot days is a must for 2 to 4 year olds. In fact, I love the whole Jupiduu range including the classic slide and a minimalistic rocking horse!

Artifact Uprising Baby Book Story


Being able to document your baby’s first moments is incredibly special, which is why I love Artifact Uprising’s Baby Book, The Story of You. The interactive photo journal encourages you to cherish all the first steps, words and giggles and is always a winner with new moms.

Korxx Form


Korxx cork blocks are my go-to when it comes to buying gifts for 1-2 year olds. Not only are they fun, they help little ones develop their motor skills, encourage imaginative thinking and aid in cognitive development. They’re also easy to clean up and pack away.

Donsje Amsertdam Lion Bootie


Finding baby shoes that are non-toxic, non-slip, comfortable and cute is no easy feat. (Pun intended!) However, Donsje Amsterdam is the master of making infant booties because they’re designed to support little feet by giving them enough room to develop naturally, while safely preparing for those first steps. And how adorable are these little lion booties!

Milton and Goose Play Kitchen


Milton and Goose’s play kitchen is hands down one of the most gorgeous play kitchens I’ve ever come across and is immediately loved by both kids and parents. Kids love it because they get to use their imaginations to create a feast for friends, while parents like myself love that it’s completely non-toxic, made from solid American Maple wood and aesthetically pleasing.

Ellie Fun Day Nomad Travel Blanket


Whether you like to travel or snuggle at home on the couch, Ellie Fun Day’s Nomad Travel Blanket is the perfect companion. Made of GOTS-certified 100% cotton flannel, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, soft and cozy, and doubles as a pillow when folded. This is a great gift for kids around 6-8 who can be a bit more difficult to shop for.

Personalized Sue Gragg Diamond Necklace, Initial Ring and Earrings 

SueGraggRoseGoldMonroe SueGraggRingGoldSueGraggEarringGold
Word necklaces are one of the most meaningful gifts you can give and perfect for older kids and parents. Exclusively for The Tot, you can create your own custom name, initials or inspirational word spelled out in Sue Gragg’s signature script, accompanied with diamonds. Due to the popularity of these gorgeous necklaces, we have just launched bespoke initial diamond rings and earrings which come in 18k yellow, rose or white gold.

Recliner Bamboo Lounger Robe


My favorite gifts to give are the ones that help people feel all warm and cozy inside and out, which is why my go-to for my mama friends is Recliner’s Bamboo Lounger Robe.

Petit Pehr Mobile – Big Top


Another great idea for an expecting mom or newborn, Petit Pehr’s Big Top Mobile is hand made of felted wool and looks wonderful in any nursery or playroom.


How cute and clever is this Airplane Box set by Diggin! It makes such a unique gift. This beautifully designed wooden play set folds open for creative, imaginative play. Your Tot can set up the tracks to build their world and have adventures and when play time is over, all the pieces store nicely into the compact box which is easy to store.

Schoenhut Piano Company – Grand Piano 309 Series

For budding concert pianists, this model is excellent for children who have been introduced to pianos, and for children who are only beginning their journey to performance pieces! This 30-Key Baby Grand’s unique chime-like tones are created by small hammers striking metal rods, producing a charming sound that will have Tots mesmerized. I’m excited to add this piece to my gift list this year!