How To Structure Your Day With Kids While You’re in Isolation

Sticking to a predictable schedule during isolation can help families stay focused and reduce anxiety. Here’s a sample schedule and activity suggestions for all ages…

Mom structuring her day in social isolation

With a growing number of families forced to stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus, the question on every parent’s lips is: how will we keep the kids entertained while we try to get some work done? 

Your best bet is to map out a daily schedule that includes outdoor time, learning time, creative time, quiet time, free play, chores, meals and snacks. The predictability and structure will help reduce anxiety for all family members and provide a sense of normalcy… and fun! You should also maintain regular bedtimes to ensure everyone is well-rested.

Below is a sample schedule for families with school-age children. You can print it out or create your own based on your family’s interests and needs. If you have a baby, you can add developmentally appropriate activities to the schedule, such as walks in the stroller, tummy time and reading aloud. 

Our Favorite Learning Tools

In addition to lesson plans and educational apps, you can use these wonderful tools to extend on your child’s learning. The Best learning tools are:

  • Flash cards
  • Alphabet pictures
  • Coding sets
  • Science kits
  • Craft sets
  • Gardening sets
  • Blocks
  • Instruments
  • Books

Scroll down to see the products…


Counting Ring Flash Cards

Make counting fun with these flash cards featuring numbers on one side and illustrations of the same number of objects on the other. There are also six cards that feature simple math problems.


Mudpuppy Counting Ring Flashcards

Mudpuppy Counting Ring Flash Cards





Alphabet Pictures

Develop your child’s literacy skills with this beautiful alphabet tray. The 26 letter tiles lift to reveal a corresponding word and picture.

Tender Leaf Alphabet Pictures

Tender Leaf Toys Alphabet Pictures




Robotics Set

Cubelets are robot blocks that teach children about robotics, engineering, design thinking, tactile coding and computational thinking. The possibilities are endless!

Modular Robotics Discovery Set with Box

Modular Robotics Cubelets Discovery Set





Science Kit

Create three different awe-inspiring natural disasters and learn the principles of science while you’re having fun.

Copernicus Natural Disasters Science Kit

Copernicus Natural Disasters Science Kit





Our Favorite Creative Tools

Kids will learn just as much from these amazing creative toys as they will from their formal lesson plans.


Arts and Crafts Library

Crafty kids go crazy for this 1000-piece craft set that includes wooden pieces, pom poms, googly eyes and so much more. 

Kid Made Modern Library

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library





Garden Kit

My First Garden comes with everything you need to plant, grow and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables at home.

Gardenuity My First Garden Set

Gardenuity My First Garden





Wooden Castle Blocks

Featuring more than 300 easy-to-build PolyM blocks, the Hape Medieval Castle develops creativity and strengthens problem-solving skills.  

Hape Medieval Castle AW19

Hape Medieval Castle






The time has never been better to learn a musical instrument! With a Loog guitar and the accompanying app, kids can play songs right away and feel inspired to keep learning.

Loog Yellow Acoustic Guitar

Loog Guitars Acoustic Guitar





Our Favorite Books

Help your child develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime with these captivating books.

Mudpuppy’s four-book set introduces children to incredible women who have changed the world.

Mudpuppy Little Feminist

Mudpuppy Little Feminist





This classic picture book had been delighting children of all ages for more than 40 years. 


Tiny Bee Gift Co.’s Where the Wild Things Are




Online Resources For Kids

Here are a few great online resources for indoor exercises and activities.




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