How to stay glamorous when pregnant

Being pregnant doesn’t mean your style has to go out the window. Fashion Editor & Founder of The Grace Tales, Georgie Abay, shares realistic advice about how you can be pregnant and stylish at the same time.

Photography by Julie Adams

Is pregnancy glamorous? There are many women who certainly make it look so (supermodels Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bündchen and Doutzen Kroes to name a few). But in my experience, staying glamorous during both my pregnancies wasn’t easy. Sure, I loved having a bump and feeling my babies kick was one of life’s greatest pleasures, but glamorous? Not exactly. I blame ice creams and watching seemingly endless episodes of Suits in bed for my lack of glamour.

Essentially, it comes down to this: you need to put in effort to stay glamorous while you’re pregnant. Unless you’re Miranda or Gisele, it can be hard work. But with a little extra effort, you’re bound to feel amazing.

Dressing your bump

I made an effort when I was carrying my first Tot. I was working at VOGUE and was required to dress up for the office. I still bought all the designer brands I loved, but just rethought the pieces I invested in. I switched skirts for shift dresses and filled my lingerie drawer with underwear from Bodas and Stella McCartney (both miraculously make comfort look sexy).

“You should feel comfortable to dress as you always have,” confirms London based mother of three and co-founder of Nine In The Mirror Adriana Chryssicopoulos, whose fabulous e-commerce site focuses on dressing expectant women. “Yes you are pregnant and yes your body is changing, but if you love leather you can still wear it (there are great stretchy leggings that you can wear well into your pregnancy or an oversized biker jacket will always look cool). Stay true to your style and don’t feel obliged to change it just because maternity wear is a certain way.”

Designer brands aside, I spent my weekends in basics from HATCH. “I was pregnant with my daughter, Charlie, and realized no one was talking to women like me who wanted to look great and invest in beautiful things during this unknown time, so I conceived of HATCH, to bring women pieces they can wear before, during and after pregnancy. Just because our bodies are changing, doesn’t mean our style has to,” says founder Ariane Goldman.

For those pregnant during the summer months, embrace resort dressing. I’m a huge fan of Bali-based Innika Choo’s new line of oversized smocks, which will fit you throughout your pregnancy. Pippa Holt has also just launched a line of kaftans, which can be worn before and after your baby comes.

Pamper perfect

With your fashion cupboard sorted, it’s time to rethink your beauty essentials. Photographer Candice Lake favors Weleda’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil. “It really helps because my skin has become really dry,” she says.

Also try and go for regular pregnancy massages, which will help to improve your body’s circulation and make you feel sexy. “We believe that pregnancy is a time to nurture your body as it goes through constant changes,” says founder of Still Beauty Joanna Beecher who massages high-profile mamas-to-be in Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne.

Enroll in a yoga course

I practiced pre-natal yoga once a week during my first pregnancy, which helped me to connect with the little Tot inside me and also nurture my body. Rather than focus on how much weight I was putting on, yoga helped me to feel empowered and proud of the changes going on in my body. After all, glamorous is a state of mind. Your body will change, but it’s all about self-love and accepting the changes rather than resisting them.

Nutrition matters

How we feel about our body is directly related to what we eat. “If you’re craving something, it means there is something imbalanced in your body. You need to identify what the imbalance is,” says nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin. It’s also important not to deprive yourself of something you love. “If you like something, then there’s nothing wrong with having it. Take a small amount, enjoy it, savor it, and then move on.” If you’re too busy to cook proper meals, think about signing up to a healthy fresh food delivery service – there are multiple options out there.