Entertain Children At Home With Work, Play & Exercise Stations

Interior Stylist Magdalene Liacopoulos from The Bebe Style Co. shares some work and play station ideas to help keep kids busy while hanging out at home.

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For many, entertaining small children involve trips to the local park, racing to weekly ballet, sports or activity classes, or catching up with friends for play dates. Not all places, however, are fully open yet, so options remain limited depending where you live. Free play at home, however, is a stimulating option that requires no rushing around, and gives children the opportunity to make their own fun.

Set Up Play Zones & Stations

One reason preschool and daycare work so wonderfully is the component of free play with all the toys and activities available at their fingertips. Unfortunately, we can’t create the social interaction that a center offers; however with some organization and a little improvisation we can add some normalcy into our children’s daily routine by creating play zones at home.

First off, you’ll need to work out the best spot to set up. If you already have a playroom, great! However, if space is limited then a bedroom or living area will be just as effective. Next, allocate some free time to sort through all of the toys and activities – if you already have a system in place, thank your organized self! If not, read on for some helpful ideas on organizing. 

For now, start by grouping things together like puzzles, blocks and Lego, dress-ups, and musical instruments etc. Take note, as you may need to fill in the gaps and buy some extra bits and pieces to be able to alternate activities to help keep things interesting. Ultimately you want to have a variety of things to do set up around the room in a horseshoe shape. Some simple ideas would include a spot for crafts, reading zone, puzzle and Lego area, and a section for imaginary play like a train set or a kitchen set up with play food.

Let’s Get Physical

Now that you have your play stations set up around the room, I recommend placing a soft play mat in the center. It will not only provide comfort as your child plays but can double as a great spot for yoga, stretching, and some physical activity. I personally love the range by Ruggish, which is a rug meets play mat. It’s a generous size – it’s that of a standard size rug, and is also made with memory foam and a non-toxic external layer. Not to mention it’s has a reversible interactive map – what a bonus! Add a wooden Wobbel balance board into the mix and you have yourself a spot indoors for your little ones to exert all their energy!

Be Organized and Try To Follow a Loose Schedule 

We’ve established that being safe at home with small children is not going to be easy but your best chance of getting through it with your sanity intact is to be organized and to maintain a consistent daily routine. It seems simple but having a timetable in place to slot in things from meal and snack times, to free play and quiet time – will really help. See here, The Tot Daily Schedule and modify it to suit your family’s needs. 

Daily cover schedule for kids


When it comes to organizing toys and activities, follow these the simple need-to-know rules. Be sure to group ‘like with like’ – it’s a great system to have in place for you and your child. For extras or doubles of things, have them stored away so they can be swapped to change things up. And lastly, at the end of every day ensure that pack-up time has been slotted into your checklist. It’s a great opportunity for your child to learn to take some responsibility for their belongings and also allows you to be able to start the following day with a clean slate.

Good luck!

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