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How to stay hydrated, moms and tots

Staying hydrated is critically important for our wellbeing, health and (for breastfeeding moms) milk production!

Nutritionist Nancy Addison discusses easy and healthy ways to hydrate.


By Nancy Addison CHC, AADP
Many illnesses are actually a result of chronic dehydration. Water is a key nutrient to our health. Our bodies consist of 66–72 percent water. When our bodies register that we are thirsty, we are already dehydrated!Here’s how to stay hydrated

Obviously, water is the most obvious way to hydrate, however you can also hydrate with good, high-quality fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in water content. Cucumber, watermelon, celery, and carrots contain pure water rich in vitamins and minerals. When we juice foods, we get the nutrient density without the fiber. This makes less work for the body to absorb. This is extremely beneficial for someone who needs intense nutrition and isn’t able to consume whole food or hardly any food. Adding a pinch of unrefined, high quality sea salt to the vegetable juice or water can add necessary minerals and electrolytes that help the body absorb the water and nutrients more effectively.

Watermelon is 90 percent pure, clean water. When you consume these real, whole fruits and vegetables as juices, you are receiving natural electrolytes as well as hydrating fluids. Fruit juices can be like drinking pure sugar, so I recommend (especially for children) having them eat the fruit in its whole form instead of drinking fruit juices.
Pure coconut water is also a good choice for an electrolyte-rich hydrating drink. It does contain natural sugar, so don’t overdo it. Coconut water is especially good after a sports workout.

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