FIVE X FIVE: TyLynn Nguyen

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to TyLynn Nguyen, Founder of the eponymous lingerie brand, and mother of three.

Tylynn Nguyen

The definition of statuesque, lingerie designer and mother of three, Tylynn Nguyen, embodies what it means to be unapologetically feminine, refreshingly creative and unafraid of carving your own path in life. With a desire to empower women to embrace every scar they bare and revel in their own beauty and abilities, Tylynn is the mother, friend, leader and voice everyone needs in their life. Her generosity, wisdom and audible gratitude for her family and career are just a few of the many reasons why we love her.


  1. How did you adjust to pregnancy and motherhood? Each pregnancy was different but I felt that my body was very strong through each one. I remember complaining and worrying about whether my body would go back to what it was before pregnancy. I felt like I was so so big but looking back, if I could speak to my pregnant self I would say to love every moment of it because your body will go back to what it was in time. I always wanted to be a mother so I adjusted well. Each child was born so happy — so the initial rush of bliss lasted for a very long time for me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gained the skills to understand that I’m teaching my children everything. Sometimes with my first child, who I had at 24, I’d get frustrated and think “why doesn’t she understand” which was so silly because she’s not the adult and doesn’t have the cognitive skills just yet to comprehend everything we do.
  2. Your collection encourages self-acceptance. How do you teach your children about body positivity and encourage them to feel confident and empowered? We encourage our children and explain to them how they are made from the strongest genes. We tell them stories about how a long long time ago our family prayed for people like them and how they have a special destiny in this world only God could have designed. They are so loved and we express this love often through our words, eye contact, and attention.
  3. Where do you draw your energy and inspiration from? God. I wake up everyday and give thanks for all that I have. I ask him to guide me during my day and for the strength to be the best I can be.
  4. What is your favorite country to travel to with your family? France!
  5. Is there any particular advice from a parent or friend that has resonated with you? Yes, from my dad. He said “you created your children and you know what is best for them. You have to get quiet, observe them, respect them, and learn their personalities. Each child is a gift to bring to their greatest potential.”



“I chose these pieces because they are an easy go-to, very chic, and made from great fabrics.”

  1. HATCH Georgie Black Jumper 
  2. PIU Women’s Daniella Personalized Easter Carrot PJ Set in white 
  3. Rylee + Cru Toddler/Big Kid Cross Embroidered Zoe Dress 
  4. Vilebrequin Toddler/Big Kid Microturtles Swim Trunk 
  5. Rylee + Cru Baby/Toddler Gigi Jumpsuit