FIVE X FIVE: Tawn Williams

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Tawn Williams, founder of Bloom Healing Arts Academy and mother of two

Tawn Williams

Tawn Williams had one simple desire that resulted in one major idea.


“I wanted to create a beautiful ripple in the world by improving the spiritual wellness of those I came in contact with.”


And just like that, the Anaya Wellness was born.

From hypnotherapy to yoga to breathwork to energy healing, Bloom brings people the instructors and expertise they need to discover the personal growth they’ve been searching for. Quickly gaining popularity for their corporate workshops, health retreats, as well as one-on-one and virtual sessions, Anaya Wellness is exactly what the world needs right now. The mother of two is here to chat about all things motherhood, mindfulness, self-love and the importance of raising strong and resilient girls.

See what Founder, Tawn Williams has to say…


5 on motherhood


  1. Tell us about the moment you got your ‘shift together’ and started Anaya Wellness:“It seems like not that long ago, really. I think the more I know, the more I understand that this is a continuous process- that this “shift” is a constant evolution of seeing, discovering, unveiling, evolving.. and then…starting all over again. The process happened for me when I started to see patterns in my life I didn’t like- mainly centered around trust. At the time, I didn’t trust anyone, (including myself) to protect, nurture, or even make the best decisions for my happiness. I understood that the pattern was telling me I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed so essentially I was wandering aimlessly through this life spiritually, having never met my inner-self. I believe the moment I turned over the idea I had it all figured out, was the exact moment my light began to flicker.”
  2. What’s been the most rewarding part about this journey so far?“Too many to mention! I do, however, think top of my list has been connecting with the wise souls in our instructor base, and the students that I come in contact with. I am honored they share their journeys with me. It really goes hand in hand: the instructors share a common desire to build something with me that is heart-led in every thing we do, and the students come to this platform because most often, their hearts have led them there. In this way, we create a culture of care that is centered around uplifting, inspiring, and helping one another. There really is nothing I can think of more rewarding than that.”
  3. How do you speak to your daughters about mindfulness, self-love and the current state of the world?“As you can imagine, this is something that comes up quite often in my home. My home was not always this spiritually centered, but from a young age I encouraged the girls to find their path, reinforcing that I will, and have always been there to support them in the best way I can. We have one hard and fast rule in our family- show up authentically. This means to embrace who we are, in all of the phases we are in. Good, bad, not so cute. I lovingly remind them that when they show up fully as themselves, I can love them for who they are, not who I think they should be. This in turn, encourages an environment of self love and appreciation, but also one of transparency and unconditional love. When we can learn to love our family in all their phases, we can learn to love those we meet the same way. When we do this, compassion, kindness, and understanding grows- and is ultimately returned to you.”
  4. What advice do you have for mothers wanting to launch a business?“Take the time you need. With the business, with the family, with social life. Divine timing is perfect, and aligned action will get you where you need to go. Establish a family code word for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and find a way to reset when you can. For me, aligned action was the biggest trick to getting Anaya up and running. Some days I would feel led to do absolutely nothing. On the days I tried to force it, things never went as planned and I found myself stressed and discouraged. When I took the time to listen to my inner guidance, my days were free flowing and productive. I remind myself that the energy I put into Anaya is to be felt, so I sat with every detail from a loving and high vibe place. I suggest trying this out taking each step as it comes to you. Release the rest.”
  5. Do you have a daily mindfulness practice you’d like to share with us?“Gratitude. Write it down, say it outloud, whisper it to your favorite pet. Seriously. Gratitude trains our spiritual eyes to open, so even on really tough days, we are able to see the good. Maybe it’s a meal, maybe it’s that the sun came out on very cloudy and rainy days. When we see gratitude on small levels, we understand how much we’ve truly been given, and we can face the next task, event, or even major disruption with grace and ease.”


5 Picks From The Tot


Tawn tells us why she loves these items from The Tot…


“I have been wanting to try oil pulling for a while now. Pulling has an array or benefits for everyone and is simple, easy way to improve health daily.”


PAAVANI Ayurveda Oral Care Ritual Kit Mint


PAAVANI Ayurveda Oral Care Ritual Kit


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“Art is a form of meditation! Sofia (my youngest) and I like to color together, and this set has such wonderful options to bring out the creativity in everyone.”


Kid Made Modern Library

Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library







“When my girls were in diapers, I was always on the search for a bag that could be multi-functional and stylish. This bag has it all! I could totally see the transition from baby phase to toddler and beyond with this gem.”


Jem and bea jemima diaper bag


JEM + BEA Jemima Diaper Bag


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“Admittedly, I like anything with flowers on it and this carrier is not only super pretty, it has the added benefit of keeping baby close. Energetically, in-tune mamas who keep their babies close have an opportunity to bond, understand behaviors, and nurture effortlessly.” 


Cybex Yema Carrier Dark Spring Blossom

Cyber Yema Carrier – Spring Blossom


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“This is personal preference all the way. Sofia doesn’t mind her food touching, while Tiana and I share that we like keeping foods separate. Not only is this tray good for portion control, it satisfies the potential “this food shall not touch” child.”

Planetbox Rover Tray

PlanetBox Rover Tray






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