FIVE X FIVE: Nicola Bathie

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Nicola Bathie, jewellery designer, tastemaker & soon to be mother of two

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A true citizen of the world, Nicola Bathie McLaughlin may call Texas home, but has spent her life exploring different countries, cultures and customs. With a background in interior design and a talent for sourcing unique materials, Nicola draws inspiration from her many travels to design beautiful spaces and make exquisite jewelry, which are the perfect balance of eclectic and classic. The soon to be mama of two (who you’re going to want to follow on Instagram like right now) is refreshing, vibrant and guaranteed to fill your feed with all things florals and femininity.

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  1. Did you do anything different to prepare for your second pregnancy? How has this time been different? “As far as preparation goes, I was exercising daily and living a fairly healthy lifestyle- clean eating, but not giving up sweets, just treating myself in moderation. Having a 1 year-old at the same time as being pregnant made everything completely different. Everything went by so quickly- I felt that although I was sicker in my first trimester, I didn’t have time to feel bad for myself. I would be throwing up and Sophia would be pulling on my dress to go play, not even slightly phased that my head was in the toilet.”
  2. What support system do you and your husband have in place to both be able to have your careers? “Fortunately, we have a back house that has been converted into office space. This has allowed me to work from “home” and easily juggle being a mom and work at the same time. We have a lovely lady who helps us three times a week with Sophia and she just started PK2 two days a week!”
  3. What’s been the biggest professional/ family life hurdle you’ve faced since launching your jewelry and design business? The conflict of time, you’re never off the clock as a mom or as a business owner, both being full time jobs (with overtime!) On top of balancing those two, you need the time for your marriage and for that to be a priority. It’s also nice to have a social life. I do always have a guilt no matter what I am working on or doing. I wish I could be everywhere and do everything at once.”
  4. What’s a piece of advice about motherhood that’s stuck with you? “That motherhood is an indescribable love and blessing, it can’t be compared to anything, never take it for granted, and to always trust your motherly instinct.”
  5. Where is your favorite place to travel as a family and why? “We have loved going to England and the Bahamas. We keep wanting to go somewhere new but seem to always end up in London. We really believe it doesn’t matter how much travel time the trip is – whether it’s one hour or 18, you still have to pack and haul the same amount of gear!”

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  1. Poeme & Poesie Baby Smock Dress & Bloomer: Darling and classic, I got for both my girls.”
  2. Atelier Choux Organic Fitted Sheet: We have been using pieces from this brand for 2+ years. It’s precious and whimsical. Sophia loves pointing out every animal on their beautiful prints, says their name, hi and goodnight to them.”
  3. Tartine et Chocolat Baby Trousseau Fille Onesie: I first found tartine et chocolate in Paris before we had Sophia, it is hard to find in America so it is so fun it is carried by the Tot.”
  4. Donsje Amsterdam Pina Jolie Bootie: “The perfect keep sake to remember how little feet are and precious for baby photos.”
  5. Little Goodall – Toddler/Big Kid Rainbow Dreamer Coat: “Show stopper. We just wore on a trip in Scotland and England and Sophia got so many compliments.”