FIVE X FIVE: Molly Yeh

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Molly Yeh, best-selling author, blogger and chef, and mother of baby Bernie.

best selling author Molly Yeh
Image by: Chantell and Brett Quernemoen

If you want to find a game-changing recipe, be dazzled by a brilliant smile, laugh about the mishaps of motherhood or learn just how beautiful life can be on a farm, then you’re go-to girl is Molly Yeh. When the best-selling author, blogger and host of the Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm isn’t collaborating with brands like Crate & Kids, she can be found cuddling her sweet baby girl, Bernie, and exuding Mom Goals all-over. With a strong connection to her Jewish and Asian roots, Molly’s ability to connect and celebrate different cultures, religions, and traditions is what makes her a true miracle worker. Her food is from the soul, advice from the heart and words from years of listening, learning, experiencing and sharing.

Molly on Motherhood

  1. What was pregnancy and childbirth like for you? “It was pretty chill! I’m a ‘prepare-for-the-worst’ kind of person so I had a lot of sleepless nights worrying about everything that could go wrong but in the end the scariest parts were when my husband had to cut two of my rings off since I didn’t take them off before my fingers got puffy and then, during childbirth, the most pain I experienced was the IV going in (I got the epidural super early on and had a very relaxed, yet long, labor). My favorite parts about pregnancy, other than the anticipation of Bernie, were meal prepping (I made so many green smoothie packs, dumplings, veggie burritos, and tater tot hot dishes) and going on our babymoon in Hawaii. I also did everything I could to stay active and drink as much water as possible, and I think that went a long way.”
  2. So far, what have been some of the hurdles you’ve faced trying to balance work life with parent life? “I cut back on my work hours when I’m not filming so that I could spend my afternoons with Bernie. It’s been so nice to be able to have that sort of control over my schedule but at the same time I just can’t get as much done because of the reduced hours. So I’m working on coming to terms with that but it’s worth it in the name of spending my afternoons singing Baby Beluga with Bernie and the baby in the mirror. I’m not quite sure Bernie yet knows that the baby in the mirror is actually her… but she LOVES dancing for her.”
  3. Do you have certain non-negotiable traditions or values you want to install in your child? I want her to value happiness, hard work, health, family, and community.”
  4. What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs who are starting out? “Work hard and value your relationships. Work is way more enjoyable when you build friendships and support systems with others in your industry versus if you see them as competition.”
  5. What’s next on the horizon for you? “Trying to get Bernie to enjoy hummus. She’s hated it so far! Who’s child is this?!


Molly’s Tot Top 5


1. Wooden Play Kitchen

WOW, is this the Viking Range of play kitchens? I think it is. I want an adult sized one.

Milton Goose Play Kitchen


Milton & Goose Essential Play Kitchen





Ice Cream Cart Play Set

Any toy that is as beautiful as it is fun and sturdy is a winner in my book. And this one gets extra points for the little popsicles. SO CUTE.

Milton Goose Play Kitchen

Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart






We have a Nuna playard that we love. It’s sleek, sturdy, easy to fold up, comfortable and safe for Bernie, and great for traveling. We’re planning to take it to Chicago, Arizona, and Florida this winter!

Nuna Cove Playard

Nuna Cove Aire Playard





Silicone Spoon Set

We are big fans of EZPZ! Bernie did take a couple of bits of hummus last week and she actually fed herself using one of these tiny spoons! I caught it all on video too.

EZPZ Spoons

$9 – $15




Wrap Carrier

Bernie lived in her Solly wrap for the first few months. I went walking with her at the gym every day and just love wearing her around the house too. She was always so relaxed in it. This is my go-to gift for new mom friends now. 

Solly Wrap Carrier

Solly Wrap Carrier






Food Rattle Set

Bernie has these and they’re the best. For some reason she loves putting the burger in random bowls. It fits perfectly in lots of her bowls so I guess I can see why.

Food Rattle Set

Estella Organic Food Rattle Set