FIVE X FIVE: Jenni Kayne

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate their favorite kids’ products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Jenni Kayne, fashion designer, taste maker and mother of three

Jenni Kaye

It’s no secret that mama of three, Jenni Kayne, has very good taste. With an eye for clean, non-toxic and timeless minimalist products that are intended to last a lifetime and the ability to create clothing and footwear that allows women to look effortlessly chic and feel luxuriously comfortable in minutes, Jenni also has a knack for interior design. Based in Los Angeles, Jenni draws inspiration from Dutch architecture, the Southern California landscape and her children. While she offers her line of clothing as well as styling and design inspiration on her website,, Jenni has also collaborated with brands like Pottery Barn Kids, Tappan and Parachute.

Jenni Kayne



  1. As a creative, designer and curator of recipes, interior design inspiration, clothing, accessories and skin scare products — how has having children influenced your style and what you’re drawn to? Having children completely changed everything, but it definitely influenced the way I approach getting dressed every day. Once I had Tanner, my first child, I realized how important it is to have a reliable wardrobe of well-made basics I can mix and match. For me, that meant finding what worked for my body type, made me feel good, and worked with my lifestyle. Now I live in high waisted jeans and a Jenni Kayne knit or collared shirt tucked in with a pair of flats—usually my Jenni Kayne mules.  Relying on that formula saves me time in the morning for more important things and keeps me comfortable, from sitting in meetings to sitting on the floor playing with my kids—all while looking put-together.
  2. Do your children share your passion for simple and sophisticated toys, decor and clothing? My kids have grown up around my taste, so I think they have an appreciation for it, for sure. As my daughter has gotten older, she has of course wanted the things other kids have, which is totally normal, but she has seemed to maintain her own sense of style, which I like to think I’ve influenced a bit.
  3. Does your family have a favorite activity or place to travel to? We travel a lot, but I would say the highlight of our year is usually our summer vacation. We usually spend the summer in Lake Tahoe, where we really get to unwind. I work less, we’re all in nature, and spend tons of time together. My kids are now at an age where they can water ski and hike together, and they’re great helpers in the kitchen (when they want to be!).
  4. What advice do you have for creatives wanting to balance parenthood and entrepreneurship? I think it’s really tough to find balance. I’m constantly striving for it. I would say the most important thing for me is having a great team at work and a great team at home, and trying to be in the moment wherever I am, whether I’m working or when I’m with my kids. Kids can especially pick up on my divided attention if I’m doing two things at once and not giving them my full presence.
  5. How do you treat yourself to ‘me’ time? Self care is essential! I make time to meditate, ride my horse, do acupuncture, or treat myself to a facial. This helps me stay grounded and makes me a better mom that’s more inspired and more creative.


  1. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Stroller: My bugaboo is my favorite stroller to keep at home and use for taking walks with Trooper. It is both chic and durable.  I love that with the Bugaboo he still faces me even though he is fourteen months old. It is nice so we can connect on walks.
  2. Three Pears Bobbin Triple Play Center: My friend had this and loved it! I was so jealous I didn’t find out about it sooner. If I had another baby, it would be top of my list!
  3. Nuna Leaf Grow: This is the best baby bouncer seat. It is so easy to travel with, it’s a must so you can have your hands free!
  4. Clover Birch Activity Gym: I had a very similar play gym from Trooper. He would lay under it and kick his feet. I love how natural it is and that it can be folded up easily to move out of the way.
  5. Stokke Flexi Bath+ Newborn Support: I love this bath seat and how simple it is! It is so practical when they can’t sit up.