FIVE X FIVE: Jacey Duprie

The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without. Here we talk to Jacey Duprie, writer, tastemaker and mother to June

mom holding up a baby in a hat

For nearly a decade Texas born and Los Angeles-based, Jacey Duprie, has been showing us what to wear, where to wear it and making our homes and lives truly more beautiful. As the editor of Damsel in Dior, she is famous for her collaborations with brands like Levi’s and The ODELLS, and is a master when it comes to curating the best of the best. With her recent arrival of her daughter, June Marion in February, she has added an element of motherhood to her feeds that has pretty much everyone commenting #MomGoals.

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  1. How did you prepare for June’s arrival? Any special classes or planning?I read every single thing I could get my hands on from forums to “Bringing up Bebe” and every sleep training book under the sun. We also took a birthing class at Loom which is a wonderful LA-based resource for parenting and pregnancy.”
  2. As someone whose life and work share a lot of cross-over, did you designate and take any maternity leave time? “I designated two months of maternity leave by prepping a ton of content for my website and Instagram so I wouldn’t stress about work. I ended up, naturally, wanting to post during the early days with June but I didn’t feel any pressure which was very nice.”
  3. Did any pre-baby advice from friends and family stick with you? If yes, please share! “Someone told us to pack a bluetooth speaker for the hospital and I’m so thankful that we did. It really set a positive atmosphere for us. Also once the baby arrived we set up a meal delivery plan {which you can also do with meal trains with friends} which was a life saver. It’s crazy how little time you have for yourself in those first few weeks of learning all about parenthood.”
  4. As a massive traveler, do you have any destinations in particular you’d like to take June to? “This summer we are traveling as a family to Italy for a month and I couldn’t be more excited. June is going to have her first “real food” on the trip and it’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was pregnant.”
  5. What’s been the most challenging thing about new parenthood so far? And what’s been the most rewarding experience? “The most challenging thing for me is that I cannot control everything. I am a crazy planning, type A and when things don’t go my way I have to practice taking a deep breath and letting go. It’s been the most valuable lesson of becoming a new mom. The most rewarding was when June started to laugh. I cried the first time I heard that adorable little laugh of hers.”


  1. BabyBjorn Mini Carrier – Mesh: This cool and airy carrier will be a lifesaver when we’re exploring the cobbled paths on our Italian vacation.
  2. Babyzen Yoyo Newborn Pack: I love how baby can snuggle into this little little sherpa fleece cocoon while also keeping her safe.
  3. Wee Gallery Stroller Toy: Stroller toys have really come a long way! I love the monochrome details with pops of color on these super cute toys. It’s great that they’re Gots Certified Organic too as I’m sure they’ll end up in June’s mouth!
  4. Petit Collage Wooden Stroller Book – Safari: I can’t wait to be able to explore more books and toys with June. I love that this stroller toy combines the two and that it’s made using non-toxic paints.
  5. Lovevery Play Gym: This play gym is amazing and I really like the fact that it grows with your baby and turns into a mini tent for toddlers. Really cute and clever.