FIVE X FIVE: Ashley Stark Kenner

Each month The Tot FIVE x FIVE invites inspiring mamas to answer five questions on motherhood and curate five products they can’t live without.

Ashley Stark

This month The Tot talks to interiors guru and all round stylish mama of two, Ashley Stark Kenner about being a role model, the never ending juggle and her absolute must-have nursery items that effortlessly combine practicality and style.


1: What’s been the most challenging thing so far about motherhood? The most challenging thing about motherhood balance and finding time for it all. It took me a few years to let go of the mom guilt we all feel to be able to take time for myself. Once I did I was able to be a better mother and more present when I was at home with the kids.

2. What’s your proudest mom moment? My proudest mom moment is when people tell me how sweet, polite and well behaved my children are. My husband and I would always say we wanted nice, happy kids. It was very important to us that they be kind. Also another proud moment is when they tell me they love me more than infinity.

3. What’s your biggest ‘mom fail’ moment? I haven’t had one major fail moment but I spent the first year of motherhood stressed about my daughter’s schedule and always being there all the time.  I look back and wish I could tell myself to relax and just enjoy it. That first year was hard for me.

4. What kind of role model do you want to be for your children?  I want my kids to see a strong working woman who has passion, who is kind and loving, and most of all, supportive. It’s important that they see I have a life outside of them whether that’s with work or friends or with their dad.

5. How do you manage to juggle your career with raising a family? The juggle is the hardest part of being a mom, something always has to give right?  I try to be as present as I can wherever I am so if I’m at work my phone is down and I am engaged and if I’m at home with the kids I’m on the floor playing or doing art projects. I think the biggest thing is to remember yourself and always take a few minutes for yourself.


  1. Ubabub Booksee Bookshelf: These acrylic bookshelves are one of my favorite nursery items. Not only do they look good with any decor, they are also so practical as they allow my kids to see and choose their own books which is important for encouraging independence.
  2. Petit Pehr Pom Pom Storage Bin: You can never have enough toy storage and I love having these baskets to hide it all. I buy them in a few different sizes and put them in the corner of the room and fill them by category. This gives the kids easy access to find everything while keepig the room neat, organized and stylish!
  3. Ducduc Campaign 4-drawer Dresser: I used Ducduc for both of my kids and I especially like their 4-drawer Dresser.  It looks good, you can customize it to fit your decor. Another important feature is that you have more storage and because it has 4 drawers  and t’s also higher which means you don’t have to lean over it while changing the baby.
  4. Meri Meri Cosmos Organic Cotton Sheet Set: I love all of the meri meri products but especially their organic sheets and blankets . They come in such cute patterns that can make and room fun!  I found it so hard to find good bedding everything was either pink or baby blue and too babish.  The meri meri prints are whimsical and perfect for all ages.
  5. Monte Como Glider: Every nursery needs a comfy chair to cozy up and read books in.  I like this neutral design that could work in any room.  I like that it glides and comes with an separate ottoman perfect for cuddling up for book or feeling time.