Celebrating Mom: Emma Heming Willis

In the midst of the pandemic, this CEO and mom-of-two has embraced her ‘square’ side.


This crisis has made something crystal clear for Emma Heming Willis – “I am truly a rule follower”.

While bunkering down in the Los Angeles abode she shares with her husband, Bruce, and their daughters Mabel Ray, 8, and Evelyn Penn, 5, the model-turned-CEO is finding new ease in her tendency to toe the line.

“I’m not one to try to push boundaries too much. Prior to this pandemic I always felt a little embarrassed that I was always so ‘square’ and mostly conforming – now, I’m quite happy that this is naturally my mentality as it’s helping to keep my family and me safe.”

Emma played by the book when starting her family – quite literally. Toni Weschler’s Taking Charge of your Fertility “got the job done, twice”. While pregnant, the self-professed cosmetics junkie found herself reaching for a humble jar of coconut oil, an old family favorite that saw her through pregnancy, stretch-mark free. Inspired by these results, Emma launched CocoBaba, a coconut oil body-care line currently soothing the skin of moms across the globe.

We’re adapting to this new norm and making the right decisions for our family to ensure our ongoing safety.

The balance of family and work is delicate at the best of times, and while Emma is finding it tricky to carve out time for self-care (recently quipping to her Instagram followers, “Me-time? What’s that?”), once the girls are in bed, she draws herself a much-needed relaxing bath.

When asked what’s getting her through the days, she says it’s been a process of “adapting to this new norm and making the right decisions for our family to ensure our ongoing safety”.

“The truth is that I’m blessed to have enough to keep the girls entertained at home, including structure such as home-schooling, something that’s also keeping me ‘entertained’ given I’m having to re-learn things like new math!”