Celebrating Mom: Emilia Bechrakis Serhant

Strong coffee and daily gratitude are keeping this debut children’s book author smiling.

Emilia Serhant

“I can’t tell the difference between one day and the next. I even forget what day it is. But we have definitely gotten into a little groove and routine.” For Emilia Bechrakis Serhant, this means starting the day with a strong cup of coffee, cranking some uplifting music and keeping a smile on her face. She and her husband, real estate broker Ryan Serhant, are quarantining in Ryan’s parents’ New Hampshire lake house with their one-year-old daughter, Zena. 

“Probably the most challenging thing is trying to stay calm and rational while not letting fear take over,” says Emilia, the Grecian attorney who was famously proposed to, and wedded, on Million Dollar Listing New York. “We learned how to handle moments of stress and that our daughter is like a sponge, so she absorbs the emotions and she knows when something is wrong. We’ve learned to be more mindful of handling anxiety and stress around her.” 

I say a little prayer of gratitude each night for our health and being fortunate during these tough times…

Zena is enjoying having both her parents on hand, although she wouldn’t mind getting out more. “Just as we had discovered she enjoyed classes and other toddlers, we had to avoid people,” says Emilia. “I think with the exception of not going to the park, our routine is the same. I am around way more and so is Ryan, so Zena is very happy about that!” 

March saw the launch of Emilia’s children’s book, To the Moon and Back for You, which features families of different shapes, colors and sizes overcoming obstacles to find their miracle babies. It was inspired by her own experiences with IVF and, despite the challenges, Emilia’s ever thankful for the journey that led her into motherhood. 

“I say a little prayer of gratitude each night for our health and being fortunate during these tough times, and I pray for healing for all those suffering,” she says. “It helps me to end the day with gratitude.”