Celebrating Mom: Anne V

This model and mom-of-one has found the secret to successful parenting: learning to put yourself first. 

Anne V and daughter

Anne Vyalitsyna always doubted she could handle ‘doing it all’, but quarantining with a four-year-old has taught her otherwise. “I have discovered that I am stronger than I ever thought,” says the Russian-born model known as Anne V., currently self-isolating with her daughter, Alaska, in their West Village apartment. “I am proud of myself for taking on the roles of teacher, cook, cleaner, friend and entrepreneur, all while staying positive, healthy and safe.”

Chosen as the face of Chanel’s Chance at 16, Anne’s career has glittered across international catwalks, magazine covers and movie screens. Recently she’s taken a journey inward, rediscovering herself as a newly single mom. “One of my passions is working out, and as soon as my favorite studios closed I knew that I needed to keep the focus on a daily workout routine to stay healthy and sane,” she says. 

“Putting myself first was a concept that I did not practice before, but I realized quickly that if I was taking care of myself and happy, I was in turn taking better care of my daughter and creating a better environment for the both of us. We have both learned to respect each other’s time and it is so beautiful to see how she takes care of me, too.” 

“…we do have all the tools to be strong, patient and successful humans, especially in a time like now.

Anne has made a weekly ritual of sharing workouts and mindfulness sessions with her following, pulling in expert guidance from friends like celebrity personal trainer Anna Kaiser. “This has really helped me feel connected with people all around the world,” says Anne. “My community has grown, and we are all getting to know each other in a different light and feeling closer to one another as we cope together.

“I have noticed that my priorities have shifted and I am grounding myself more. I’m listening to the messages from the universe that are reaffirming that we do have all the tools to be strong, patient and successful humans, especially in a time like now.”


Anne V. is represented by The Lions Model Management.