Being Mama: Tori Praver

For model and swimwear entrepreneur Tori Praver, balancing work and family is a daily struggle. Here’s how the mother of two gets it all done.


“I had very easy pregnancies, thankfully. My second was harder – I was so big and still had to take care of a toddler – but I feel very lucky to have had such healthy pregnancies. I did a lot of acupuncture while pregnant and lots of yoga. I felt best when I had the time to relax and meditate everyday.”

“I had both of my children naturally. My daughter, Ryan, was born in a hospital but my son, Phoenix, was actually born at home in my bedroom. It was so magical. Like many moms, I had a birth plan with my first, but I quickly realized that birth isn’t really something you can plan! When I was pregnant with my son, I actually became a doula while pregnant. I became so obsessed with birth after becoming a mother that it made me want to learn as much as possible about labor and delivery and helping mothers have the births they want.”

“I’m a working mom, which can be difficult sometimes. I run my own business, which means that ultimately, I’m responsible. I had to go right back to work after having my son because of the time of year he was born, but luckily I was able to work from home. I had a fashion show in Miami, just a few weeks after he was born, so that was pretty crazy but luckily I have an amazing mother who travels with me and loves my kids.”

“For me, a typical day starts with breakfast with the kids, and getting my daughter ready for school. I drop her off and usually start “my” day with a workout – either yoga or Soul Cycle. Exercising gives me energy which is essential as a mother of two. Then I come home and do some work calls and emails. Some days I visit our office or factories. Then it’s time to pick up my daughter. I usually take her to an activity or a playdate. I come home, make dinner and then it’s bed time, baths, stories etc. Once the kids are in bed, I finally have time to spend with my husband – catching up on our days, watching a show we like or just relaxing! Most nights I’m happy with a glass of wine and some bad reality TV.”

“Balancing work and family is a daily struggle. Whether I’m working or having a date with my husband, I always feel guilty when I’m not with my kids. I know I need to get over this but I can’t help but I feel like I should be spending every minute with them. Over time, I’ve gotten better at this and realize that I have become a better mother by spending some time apart. One thing I’ve found that’s super-important is making time for your partner. Setting a date night one night a week is key. Also, now that I have two kids, I try to do special things with my daughter (she’s the eldest) so she still feels the special bond we had before her little brother arrived. It’s hard to nurture everyone’s needs and feelings but somehow you just make it work.”

“I want my kids to be loving, compassionate and kind. I truly believe you can’t give a child too much love – and this informs my parenting every day. As long as I can instill compassion in my children, then I know I have done a good job.”

Tori’s maternity style

“Like my regular style, my maternity style was pretty casual for the most part. I wore a lot of jeans and t-shirts and used my shoes to style my outfits – they were the one thing that I didn’t grow out of! I shopped on a lot, under their maternity section.”

Tori’s must-have pregnancy items

  1. A good pair of maternity jeans – I loved J Brand and Citizens of Humanity
  2. A pregnancy pillow
  3. Mother’s Special Blend Oil for your growing body and belly
  4. Life Factory glass bottle – filled with water, of course! It’s super important to drink water throughout the day when pregnant
  5. A piece of dark chocolate every day

Tori’s must-have new mom items

  1. Aden and Anais swaddles
  2. Solly Baby wrap, or an Ergo
  3. Dr Brown’s glass bottles
  4. Uppa Baby Vista stroller
  5. Kickee Pants pyjamas

Tori’s kids, in three words

Phoenix: adorable, sweet, happy. Ryan: loving, compassionate, fun.