Being Mama: Tia Mowry

Actress, Author and Entrepreneur, Tia Mowry, opens up about managing her endometriosis with a healthy diet, finding support and community from her YouTube and social media accounts and why she is enjoying each and every minute of her current pregnancy, nausea and all.

Image by: Diana Ragland

Disbelief and gratitude are two words that sum up Tia’s pregnancies. As someone who has endometriosis and never thought she could have even one child, she is taking her second and current pregnancy one step at a time and enjoying every moment. “Even the aches and pains, the nausea and sleepless nights,” writes Mowry on Instagram.

Tia’s first son, Cree, was born in 2011 after a grueling fight against an endometriosis diagnosis. Even though she always considered herself a healthy eater, she had to ramp up her nutrition routine and take extra care of her body because it meant whether or not she’d be able to have a child. Luckily, her hard work paid off and she was able to have a successful pregnancy and even indulged in a Funyon craving every now and then.

Much to Tia’s dismay, the morning sickness didn’t end after the first trimester, which meant nine months of intense nausea. When asked for tips on ways to combat it, Tia joked, “Tips for combatting nausea? Lord, I’m still trying to figure that one out. But eating small meals, crackers, and lemonade helped A LOT! I would drink up to 3 cups a day with lots of ICE!”

Like many women, Tia intended to have a natural birth and attended birthing classes. She admits the best part was watching her husband’s mouth drop to the floor on more than one occasion during a graphic demonstration of one of the many joys of birth. However, she quickly learned that you’re not always in control of how your baby wants to come out, even if you attend all the birth classes, read all the books and plan for a vaginal delivery. Tia ended up having a caesarean delivery and was so grateful to have a healthy baby boy to show for it.

With decades of experience in the entertainment business, it’s inspiring to see someone we all watched and admired as teens turn into a mother and continue to pursue her passion while adjusting to the different paths life tends to take us on.

“My biggest professional achievement is having longevity within my career. I have been in the entertainment business since I was 13, and I am very grateful to still be going. Personally, I am proud that I’ve always stayed true to who I am, even after all these years. I really value that. I also love that it’s a career I can choose how much I work and when I work. Right now, I love that my day starts with my son acting as my alarm clock – waking me up with kisses and hugs. One of my favorite things is cooking breakfast with my whole family, then Cree is off to school. I am spending more time as an entrepreneur these days and right now my main focus is my YouTube series, Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. Some days I will shoot episodes of that or attend meetings or events. Other days we head to basketball or soccer practice. Then I come home to make dinner, prepare my son for bed and read him a book. It’s a very rewarding time.”

Of course Tia suffers from, “Mom guilt.” (Don’t we all?!) But the support she’s found from her online community helps her overcome it. She wants to set an example for her son and future child and show them that, “Mommy works hard for what she gets.”

“I truly do think of Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, as a community as well as my other social media sites on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.” I asked Tia about her twin sister and fellow mama, Tamera, and if they co-parent. “We have very different parenting styles and we respect that about each other. Our mother was very traditional. However, I am very non-traditional. I am not the type to push Cree to do anything prematurely. When he is ready, he’s ready. I am pretty laid back as a parent, but I know when to be assertive when I need to be. I am always learning new parenting tips – as opposed to being stuck on tradition. One thing I do insist on is getting my family to come together and eat at the table. It connects everyone.”

Connectivity, positivity and gratitude seem to be at the forefront of her parenting style. Tia feels like the greatest gift in the whole world is to love and to love others, which is why she wants people to take everything one day at a time, and to forgive themselves and to never be afraid to ask for help. She also says to always trust your instincts.

Tia’s new book, Whole New You, credits a healthy diet to her ability to get pregnant and live life with endometriosis. It also provides resources for people to get on their own journey to wellbeing. “I was told that I needed to change my diet to get pregnant. I ended up taking that very seriously and I had my son, who I consider my miracle. I knew there were other people who were suffering from the same thing and I wanted to inspire and uplift them. It’s a book about food and self-care. Me time is important so I always try to work out, take a bubble bath or meditate. I also always think of my mother’s advice when times get a bit overwhelming – Where there is a will, there’s a way.”

Even though Tia’s life may look glamorous and seamless, she still has her Mom Fails just like the rest of us.

“I am all about fashion, so I went to the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation event (held outside in a big field) – wearing heels – my son went running across the field and his diaper was soggy and wet and FELL OFF. There I was, in front of all these big name celebrities, chasing after my two-year-old, in heels, in the mud. But you know what? When I see that my son is happy, that is when I feel the most proud. I want him to be happy – because everything else will follow. I have developed more of an appreciation for life in general – for the miracle of life – and I feel like I am more patient as a parent. I am constantly learning to appreciate the simple things in life. It’s like I am living life again through Cree’s eyes.”