Being Mama: Lisa Furuland

The Tot talks to DockATot founder & mother to two gorgeous boys, Lisa Furuland, about Being Mama.


Stockholm native Lisa Furuland is the inventor of DockATot, a revolutionary sleep capsule for babies, and the founder of Sleepyhead. She’s also mama to two boys, Troy and Ilias, and despite achieving so much success in the business world, describes being a mom as “the pinnacle” of her career.

“When my first son, Ilias, was born, I was inspired to create something new in the baby and children’s industry. I searched unsuccessfully for an alternative to a blanket, a cot and a baby lounger, something more snug that was also versatile and completely safe. Finally, DockATot was born – it’s a safe and snug spot for moms to place their little ones at any time of day.

“I have a company so I am very busy, but as much as I can, I prioritize family time before work. I know that these precious days when the children are young won’t last forever. When they are teenagers, I know I won’t be thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I had gone on more conferences and business trips when they were young.’ On the contrary, and this sets the agenda for our lives.”

“My approach to childbirth was curiosity and this gave me a really positive approach. I’m not sure if this is what helped both boys pop out in a matter of minutes after arriving at the maternity ward, but I would still recommend it all the same! Think about it as if you’re heading on an adventure. Because you are.”

“My parenting style is nurturing and empowering. I hope, anyway! We enforce very few rules. I want to give my kids the tools to enable them to stay as individual as possible. My husband and I always try to give the boys the opportunities through which they will grow and develop to the best of their abilities but always with good manners! And we’re both quite big on not yelling. It’s not good – your child hears your voice, but not your words.”

“Being a working parent can be tough, and I think women in general could support one another more. Be happy for the accomplishments of other women and cheer each other on, be it personally or professionally. If both you and your accomplishments are recognized, it does wonders for your energy levels. Also, cut yourself some slack: Life’s short. Buy those shoes. Eat that dessert.”

Lisa’s top items for mamas-to-be:

  1. A good sports top and tights, so you can stay active throughout your pregnancy
  2. Lots of pillows so you can prop yourself up at night if reflux kicks in
  3. If it’s your first time giving birth, a breathing technique instructor/labor coach
  4. A partner who gives foot rubs!

Lisa’s five must-have items for new moms:

  1. A DockATot, of course!
  2. A big family bed, as we are passionate bed-sharers – we’re all in on attachment parenting
  3. A good nursing pillow
  4. A good baby carrier, like BabyBjörn
  5. Pippi Longstocking and all the other books by late Swedish author Astrid Lindgren

Lisa’s picks for children’s clothing:

“We’re eclectic when it comes to labels; we cherry-pick. However, two of my ideal shopping destinations are smallable and scotchandsoda.”

Lisa’s favourite family activities:

  1. Making dinner with my family
  2. Our summers in Greece
  3. Snuggling in bed with the boys on the weekends
  4. Ski trips with the family
  5. Photographing my kids
  6. Spending the day in the city with my kids