Being Mama: Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff wears a lot of hats. She’s an actress, a TV presenter, a blogger, and of course, mama to Ryan. Here, she shares on everything from doing SoulCycle while pregnant to eating dinner at 4.30pm


“My pregnancy was a dream. I worked right up until I was almost due. I didn’t have any morning sickness; it was a very low-key pregnancy. I was very lucky. The delivery, I didn’t love so much though – I didn’t have a great time then. But I didn’t have any complaints about pregnancy.”

“I didn’t really change much during pregnancy. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and didn’t worry about my weight or body image too much. I really wanted to just relax and not care about that stuff. I did SoulCycle and Pilates until I got too big, and once it was uncomfortable, I just didn’t do it anymore. For me, it was important to let whatever was going to happen, happen.”

“For me, there’s no real typical day. It depends if I’m shooting, or if I’m at home being mom. Most days I’m home with Ryan. We’ll wake up early and go have breakfast together at a cafe. When we come back to the house, she likes to go to her playroom, which gives me 20 minutes to check my emails. Then she’s ready for naptime. At the moment, she’s napping for 2.5 hours. I use that time to work, post a blog, check my emails, call someone – stuff like that. When she wakes up, we might get in the pool, or go to the park, or even head to the zoo. We have lunch together and then she’ll have another nap. We have dinner really early – like 4.30 or 5! – and we might head out for a neighbourhood walk to see some of her little friends. By 5.45 it’s time for a bath, then by 6.30 she’s in bed. Then we wake up and do it all over again!”

“I’m so lucky with my work because it allows me to spend so much time with Ryan. I didn’t go back to shooting my show until a few months ago – we shoot 14 hour days, so I wanted to wait until Ryan was a bit older. I did go back to work for a few days to be a spokesperson for a particular campaign, when Ryan was about six weeks old. I wouldn’t have said yes, but it was a good partnership for me at the time, and really struck a chord with me. I felt compelled to be a part of it. For the next six months, I didn’t really do anything but be with Ryan. But after that, it was back to business as usual.”

“I wear a lot of ‘hats’, but I don’t always juggle everything so well. I run a blog and sometimes I go a week between posting now. But in a way, I think that’s something people love about my site; it is run by me, and me alone. So hopefully people understand when two weeks go by and there’s nothing new – it’s because life got in the way! When we shoot, I try to pump out as much content as possible at once, so that we don’t waste time.”

“Having Ryan has inspired me to write more kids’ recipes. I love experimenting with her food and seeing what she likes and dislikes. It’s one of the things I love most about being a mom – seeing what she’s into and not. It’s almost as enjoyable to watch her not like something as it is to see her really chow down on something! I love taking her out to restaurants, too, which is something we’ve been doing for the past few months. We’ve been making an effort to take Ryan out more, and it’s lovely to see how much she enjoys it.”

“What do I find most difficult about being a mom? On any given day, the answer would be different. But probably just that I want to do the very best for her. I don’t take being a parent lightly, so I feel pressure to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help and support her. The little, everyday stuff doesn’t stress me out, it’s more the big picture stuff that keeps me awake at night!”

Haylie’s maternity style

“I loved David Lerner’s maternity leggings. I wore them a lot! I didn’t buy ‘real’ maternity clothes until I was really big; I preferred to layer clothing with cardigans and loose tops.”

My 5 must haves from the shop!

  1. Dough Parlor DoughI love anything that is safe for her but encourages dirty play!
  2. Petits et Maman Wooden Tulip PlateThese are a chic departure from the brightly colored children’s plates that seem to crowd our pantry!
  3. Mima Moon Highchair: We love ours! Ryan’s is pink & charcoal. I love that it sits up a bit higher than most so I’m not bending over.
  4. Native Shoes: These are fun for running through the house with without slipping!
  5. Petit Pehr Pom Pom Storage Drum – I’m always thrilled to find stylish bins! We seem to need them for everything!

New mom must haves:

  1. Recliner Bamboo Lounger RobeA comfy breastfeeding essential in those first few weeks!
  2. Hatch – The Easy Pant: I really loved this brand when I was pregnant and I even wore them after Ryan was born.
  3. Nook Niche Nursing Pillow: Just yes! This super soft but supportive pillow saved my back and made breastfeeding so much more comfortable.
  4. Blanqi Everyday Postpartum Leggings: I lived in these for quite a while after having both my babes. They are buttery soft and really comfortable.
  5. Galileo Linen Nursing Cover: My go-to for airplane travel with a baby! Even when you aren’t nursing these are great for shielding light and making it easier for baby to nap. Plus I liked that it was a good germ barrier from the air vents that blow directly on you and your little one.