Being Mama: Ariane Goldman

When it comes to maternity style, Ariane Goldman changed the game. Actually, she invented the game. The Tot talks to Ariane about her booming business, and how she balances it with being a mom.


Before Ariane launched her groundbreaking maternity label HATCH, style for pregnant women meant empire-line dresses and stretch-waist jeans – full stop. Now, HATCH  stocks everything from maternity lingerie to the (anti)-diaper bag (more on that later), ships to 200 countries, and is beloved by both celebs and civilians. Meet Ariane Goldman.

How did you prepare for your pregnancy? Did you do anything differently?

Yes. We had A LOT of sex.

Did you do anything differently for your second pregnancy from your first?

I laid off a little – I tried to be more mellow and de-stress as much as possible. I think it’s so important to let your body do its thing and I do think a healthy, positive state of mind is so key to that (and, in fact, to everything! All the time!).

What were your pregnancies like?

Awesome. No, truly, I loved it. I felt great. I was lucky with both.

How about the births themselves? Did you follow a birth plan?

They were both super easy. I did wait forever before actually going to the hospital, but once I was there and started pushing, they were out in 15 [minutes]. I didn’t have a birth plan. They’re hard to stick to… just so many unknowns.

The question we all want to know: what did you wear while you were pregnant?

Well, with Charlie, I wore vintage muu-muus and Acne dresses in bigger sizes…there wasn’t anything, which is actually what inspired HATCH. With Georgie, of course I lived in HATCH. Our Sweep and Lily dresses were my favorites, and the bateau was crucial for weekend getaways.

Tell us a bit about your kids – can you describe them in three words?

Yes! Charlie: cherub, delight, old soul. Georgie: cherry, party girl, lover.

What’s your parenting style like? Is it different to your partner’s?

We’re not too far apart. We’re both really affectionate. I would say we work together to give the kids the structure they need, and also to give them as many new experiences as possible. We both believe travel is a gift and a necessity if you can manage it, so that’s a big part of our approach – to expose them to as much diversity as we can and teach them to be good and kind to people everywhere.

You’re the CEO of a company and you have two little kids. How does it all work? What’s a typical day in your life?

There’s not really a typical day, but on a weekday, mornings are a blur of cereal and play and trying to throw on clothes and get out the door. I take Cha to school and stop through Maman on West Broadway for coffee on the way to the office. At work, there’s something new every five minutes… if I’m lucky I get a solid half hour to focus on one thing. I try to do bedtime as much as possible, but I definitely need to head out with friends at least once during the week.

What was returning to work like after having your children? When did you head back?

I never stopped – I took those first few weeks that were amazing and tranquil, but I wanted to get back to work. I really love it and my children have only inspired me to keep going and build more.

Your business is so successful; what advice would you give to other mamas wanting to start their own businesses? 

Believe in your vision. And stay high.

How do you find balance for your career and your family? 

I’ve got the secret: martinis.

Ha! What about when you want to treat yourself? How do you spend your downtime?

It’s rare, but I get the occasional blowout, a pedicure at tenoverten. I love hot yoga, too. And sleep! My husband Max and I try to take romantic getaways. As you know, you can’t even take a sick day with kids because they’re at home and you still have to be high energy and at the top of your game, so it’s really important to take the time you need for yourself when you can.

What is one piece of advice your mother gave you that has really resonated in your life?

“Never mourn the loss of something that’s replaceable.” And my mother-in-law said something that has really stayed with me, personally and in business: “Stay high.”

What’s the value you most want to impart to your kids?

A really good work ethic and an appreciation for everything they have. And I hope they will be fair – I want them to be good to others.

What do you find most difficult about being a mom?

Not having enough ‘me’ time.

What do you love most about being a mom?
That the definition of ‘me’ has changed. I don’t remember who I was before, but my heart is fuller and we’re just wiser, right? Mama wisdom.

Ariane’s top mama-to-be must-haves

  1. A noodle-shaped pillow for sleep
  2. Dyptique’s eucalyptus candle
  3. Our HATCH Airplane Cardigan
  4. Head rubs from my husband, Max

Ariane’s favourite childrens’ clothing labels

  1. Mini Rodini
  2. Flora et Henri
  3. Bobo Choses
  4. For basics, we love Old Navy

Ariane’s new mama must-haves

  1. Our new (anti) Diaper Bag
  2. Hair vitamins (biotin is a good one)
  3. A solid pair of sunnies for the day after a sleepless night
  4. A Fridababy (it’s a bit icky, but totally necessary)
  5. A really luxe, yummy hand cream. You’re constantly washing your hands, so this comes in handy and can make you feel like you’re nourishing yourself a little