A Month Wearing Blue Blocker Glasses: The Verdict

Anxious to find the elusive full night’s sleep after entering parenthood, Author & Mama of Two, Summer Land, shares her verdict on RA Optics Blue Blocker Glasses.

Summer Land wearing RA Optics Blue Blocker Glasses

Before the jury comes back in, I want to give you a bit of a back story about why I wanted to try Blue Blocker Glasses.

(Gather round.)

Once upon a time….before I had kids, I used to sleep like a teenager. I’m talking 12 hour stretches of drool-stained pillow cases, the types of dreams that put M Night Shyamalan’s films to shame and a youthful energy so abundant, I wouldn’t be surprised if a witch tried to syphon it from me. But then I saw those two pink lines on a pregnancy test and POOF – my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep seemed to vanish as quickly as my wine consumption.

Even though making, birthing and raising babies has left me feeling beyond exhausted, I struggle to get the eight (to 12) hours of sleep I know I want and need. Sometimes it’s because my mind is still reeling from the day. Other times I probably have too much coffee… but more often than not, it’s probably because I like to wind down at the end of the day by watching a movie, reading a book on my phone, or let’s be honest – double tapping memes from the @MyTherapistSays Instagram account.

While I had grown accustomed to life as a perpetual Mombie (Mom + Zombie), I have to admit I recently became admittedly curious when I started seeing and hearing about people wearing blue light wavelength blocking glasses. Obviously my first thought was, ‘Is this the new Shake Weight??’ But then I looked into them deeper and liked what I learned.

Essentially, blue light wavelengths, which can be found in natural sunlight, artificial lighting and TV/phone/computer screens causes us to produce the stress hormone, cortisol. This is great because it helps us feel alert and energetic and ready to take on the day! The issue is that when you’re exposed to it for too many hours, your body doesn’t get the signal to make melatonin aka the hormone that helps us sleep. On top of that, blue light wavelength scatters easily, which means it’s harder to focus on. (Ever get a headache from staring at a screen? Your eyes are working extra hard to make sense of those blue beauties!)

As a woman who is no stranger to uppers and downers (I’m talking about you, coffee and wine!), I had an Oprah Aha! moment and realized that my excessive screen time was probably the culprit for my inability to fall and stay asleep!

That’s when I bought RA Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses and decided to test them out for 30 days.

It’s important to note that they have two options for lenses: ones to wear during the day (they let a little bit of blue light through, but minimize the intense wavelengths one might be exposed to in an office setting) and ones to wear at night (super duper blue light blocking…)  I decided to opt for the night lenses, which means I simply put them on if I’m going to be inside once the sun goes down. The goal: lessen my exposure to blue light wavelengths from my home’s lighting, my TV and phone and become a literal Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.


Here’s what I found:


  • If you have to (or accidentally) take them off while exposed to blue light wavelengths, it will feel like a million daggers have entered your eyes.
  • You may feel slightly disoriented during the first dew days.
  • Doing an ocean puzzle while wearing blue blocker glasses is actually super difficult.
  • When watching TV, every place looks like a smog covered day in LA. Very post-apocalyptic.
  • A fight is likely to ensue because you’ll think your husband has turned off the AC when in reality – you just can’t see the blue ‘on’ light.
  • It’s not as fun to look at your phone because it’s muted and dull – so you won’t! (Which feels like a win!)
  • You probably won’t wear them to a nice dinner out and you’ll regret it because you won’t sleep as well. (Maybe we should all start doing it and make it #fashion.)
  • You’ll notice that you feel sleepier earlier than you usually do!
  • You’ll dream deeper!!!! I swear my dreams have become much more vivid since wearing them.
  • You’ll find it easier to wake up in the morning. (As a self-confessed snoozer, I have found that I don’t wake with heavy eye lids anymore!)
  • You’ll have more energy!


The verdict: Guilty…..of being too legit to quit!


In all seriousness – I wasn’t sure how I’d go with them, but after 30 days, I can’t imagine not using them. My kids, who are 5 and 7, now want their own too!

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